The things he says

IMG_7677Mr. Boy has really started talking. Like overnight. And, y’all, he is a total parrot. If we say it, he repeats it. I never realized how much I say “Oh, gosh” until I heard Luke saying “Oh, gos. . .Oh, gos!” Luckily, he also loves to passionately exclaim, “OH GOODNESS!!!” especially after someone sneezes. And that’s a better option for an {almost} two year old. ūüôā

I truly realized I need to watch what I say when John Wicks had a poop explosion all over his changing mat before I could get the new diaper on. Without thinking, I mumbled, “crap, crap, crap” under my breath, and I immediately heard Luke say, “cap, cap, cap” on the other side of the room. Yikes. Hope he doesn’t pull that one out in the church nursery.

He keeps us laughing with the things he says. He loves to point out colors. When asked what color Mama’s toes are, he proclaims, “HOT PINK!” He loves to label different vehicles and their colors: Ret Caaa (Red car), Bu paaane (blue plane), Back taaain (black train), Geeen tactooor (green tractor). Every syllable is drawn out and exaggerated. He’s a true southern boy.


Wull=Will {But he often just calls Will¬†Uncle”¬†for short}

When changing his clothes, he observes, “Wuke nakey!” (Luke naked)

I read him a book about God creating the world, animals, Adam and Eve, etc. There was a picture of Adam and Eve in the garden, and he said, “Nakey…Da-Da nakey!” Adam always means daddy to him.

His little mind is a sponge, and he doesn’t forget a thing. So, we’ve taken advantage of this and started trying to teach him a catechism by letting him fill in the blanks as part of his bedtime routine:

Luke, who is the first and best of all beings? GOT! (God)

Luke, the chief end of man is to glorify____GOT! (God) and enjoy him___Eva! (forever).

{We’ve only made it through those two, but it’s a start. The questions and answers get pretty deep and long, so we’ll have to adjust them down to his level.}

We still have some work to do, though. He pointed out a “coss” (cross)¬†on the side of the methodist church as we drove by. So, I asked, “Luke, who died on the cross?”¬†He thought a second and responded, “Day-Day!”¬†(J-J). Ha. Not quite, buddy.¬†

He had his first experience riding PawPaw’s boat a few weekends ago, and he was NOT a fan of going fast and having the wind beat him. I asked him if he wanted to go out on the boat again or not, and he said, “NOT!!” Now, he’ll randomly walk around saying “PawPaw . . . Boat . . . NOT!

We’re getting ready to transition him to a big boy bed, so sometimes I’ll say, “Luke, are you ready to get a big boy bed?!?!”¬†And he’ll respond, “Naaaw!” So, yay for us. This should be a fun transition. ūüėČ

20 months

Sweet Luke,

It’s hard for me to believe you’re only 4 months away from turning 2 years old. I feel like you were just born. They said it would go fast. . .

You are changing from a baby to a little boy before our eyes. Almost daily, your daddy and I talk about how big you’re getting and how much joy you bring to our lives. You require a lot of us, but the blessings far outweigh the sacrifices.¬†

You are so full of life. You love to run and march like a “little solider.” You babble constantly saying, “Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Doc, Day-Da (JJ), hot, yay!, yah” and lots of other random little boy sounds. You love telling us what the tiger, sheep, monkey, and snake say. Your favorite sound is your car/truck sound. You can roll your tongue forever. I’ve never seen a child so obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains.¬†

You love to imitate things we do {Yikes!}. If I brush your hair or clip your nails, you will take the brush/clippers and try to do it yourself when I’m done. You can identify most body parts when asked {i.e. Luke, where’s your nose?}. You detest having your teeth brushed, and it’s a battle every night. You can identify a lot of shapes in your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. You LOVE to do your “funny face” for almost anyone. Such a little ham!

IMG_4385You’re a mama’s dream eater…not too picky {most days}.¬†You prefer¬†broccoli over french fries and fruit over cookies. You LOVE ketchup, and that’s the key to getting you to eat meat. You’re starting to feed yourself with a spoon and you’re so proud when you do it yourself.

Bless your heart, you’ve done so well with all the transition our family has been through lately. You’ll sleep anywhere {not for long in the car}, and I’m so thankful that you love your naps/sleep. You go to sleep on your own without fighting it. You’ve spent time in a lot of different houses lately, and you’ve been a little trooper!¬†

You are very good for other people who keep you {so I’m told}, but you try to test the boundaries a bit with mom and dad. We’re trying to teach you first-time obedience. It’s clearly a hard thing to learn.

Our prayer is that God will grant you a new heart and put a new Spirit within you at a very early age. I pray that you will know and love Jesus and that your life will bring Him glory. He has already been so gracious to you, though! You have ¬†a sweet, loving nature. You are tender with animals {and stuffed animals}.You are affectionate with us and others. You absolutely ADORE your Doc and JJ. I think the birth of your brother will be an adjustment for you, but I’m praying you will soon adore him as well.¬†IMG_4391IMG_4404I’m so thankful for you, little one. Your life is a constant reminder of God’s kindness to us.¬†


Lately. . .

AKA . . . Photo dump from Insta. You’ve been warned

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I haven’t had time to write about all that we’ve been up to. So, here are a few a lot¬†of my favorite pics for documentation.

In January, we went to¬†Gatlinburg for a weekend with our nearest and dearest friends. It was a good time. Lots of laughing and eating and relaxing with people we love. We decided that we’ll leave the kids with grandparents next time, though!

Our blonde-headed, blue-eyed Lukes.
Our blonde-headed, blue-eyed Lukes.



Me @ 23 weeks. Adam showing off his "sympathy weight."
Me @ 23 weeks. Adam showing off his “sympathy weight.”

Mr. Boy continues to bring us so much joy {and exhaustion :)} as he grows and plays and explores his little world. He’s a mess. . . and a lot of fun.

IMG_3946 IMG_4003Adam took him to get his first haircut from an actual professional. He got to pick a car to sit in and pick a movie to watch {Cars, of course}. Thus, the haircut was successful.



Looking a little too big for Mama's likin'!
Looking a little too big for Mama’s likin’!
Sportin' his big boy haircut and church clothes.
Sportin’ his big boy haircut and church clothes.
"Hey Luke, do your funny face!"
“Hey Luke, do your funny face!”
Straight from the bath, growling like a tiger.
Straight from the bath, growling like a tiger.

A few baby bump pics. . .

24 weeks
24 weeks
L loves to find "Bubba."
L loves to find “Bubba.”

I was surprised by a 4D ultrasound view of our little John Wicks at my last appointment. I was measuring small {how this is possible, I’m not sure, because I’ve been feeling bigger than Dallas}, so they sent me to ultrasound just to make sure everything looked ok. Apparently, they had just gotten a new 4D machine, so the tech was “testing it out” while she checked little JW. I was shocked when such a clear image of his precious little face popped up on the screen. And, praise the Lord, he is just the right size.

IMG_4115My precious friends hosted the cutest little “sprinkle” for me and JW. I only took a few pics on my phone, but you can read about it and see some better pics over at Christy’s blog.IMG_4047


With the lovely hostesses
With the lovely hostesses
Thrilled to have my cute mama present!
Thrilled to have my cute mama present!
Perfect hostess gift! They knew I'd had my eye on these.
Perfect hostess gift! They knew I’d had my eye on these.

We pretty much had a complete girls’ day. Mom, the best girls, and I all went out to eat at Cafe Lou Lou and then had a date to the Pie Kitchen after the Sprinkle. Such a fun time. Chritty and I were already getting emotional, knowing it would be one of our last girl days together in Lou. Sometimes we like to speak in hash tags when we text each other. I realize this is strange, but I love our crazy relationship. #sodontjudge.

IMG_4140Over the past few months, we’ve spent some time in Hartselle for formal interviews, seeing the town and church, etc. We were hosted by the most gracious, generous family both times we visited. They surely helped make our weekends more enjoyable and less stressful.

Some morning reading before our "view of call" Sunday at FBC.
Some morning reading before our “view of call” Sunday at FBC.
First picture in front of our new church home.
First picture in front of our new church home.

And, finally, just a few last random shots.

Snow day
Snow day
Enjoying a family Saturday. IHOP breakfast.
Enjoying a family Saturday. IHOP breakfast.
Favorite boys!
Favorite boys!
Me and John Wicks @ 29 weeks.
Me and John Wicks @ 29 weeks.

So, there’s the picture version of the last few months. It’s been busy but fun.

If we cross your mind, pray for us this week. We will be saying goodbye to friends we love and transitioning to a new place and phase of life. Transition is always a little challenging, but even more so with a busy toddler and and an increasingly heavy belly :). We certainly covet your prayers.




All things wheels

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Mr. Boy post. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a state of utter exhaustion for the past 5 months. Anyhow, here’s the 15, 16, 17 month update. . . just for the record.
DSC05017This whole stage of Mr. Boy’s life can pretty much be summed up with two words: wheels obsession. What can I say? The child is over-the-moon in love with cars, trucks, and ¬†pretty much anything else that has wheels. He even shows a preference for clothes that have trucks, cars, or tractors on them. It’s hilarious.

DSC05240Next to “all things wheels,” I would say that books are his second love. L LOVES to look at books, and he loves for me to read to him. Some of my favorite times with him are spent sitting in his rocking chair reading a story. There’s really no point in picking up his books off the floor at the end of the day because he pulls them ALL off the shelf every single day and looks through many of them on his own while I”m drying my hair or folding laundry, etc.



Lately, he’s started picking out which book he wants to read before nap/bedtime and bringing it to me in the rocker. Current favorites are¬†The Little Blue Truck¬†and¬†The Goodnight Train¬†{wheels of course}. He also likes to take a book with him to his crib to look at before he falls asleep.

L is a true mama’s boy. If something upsets him, he wants nobody but his mama. I’m eating this up while it lasts. At the same time, he loves his daddy to pieces and gets so excited when Adam walks in the door at the end of the day. Every time my phone rings or I get a text, he says, “Da-Da!?!” He also recognizes and loves all of his grandparents, Aunt Jenny & Uncle Will, and “Aunt” Chritty, Jackson, & Mae-Mae.DSC05277He’s truly “all boy” and into EVERYTHING, but he’s also got a very tender, loving nature. L “gives love” by putting his thumb in his mouth and nuzzling his head against who or whatever he’s loving. He does this to dogs {even animals in books}, us, and “baby bubba.” We can ask, “where’s baby bubba?” and he will come up to me, touch my stomach, and try to look under my shirt. Then, we can tell him to “give bubba love” and he will lean down and snuggle his head against my stomach. ¬†I realize he has not a clue of what’s to come in June, but he associates the word “bubba” with my tummy, which I find endearing.


{Speaking of “bubba,” I think we have almost decided on a name. I just haven’t¬†quiiiite fully committed yet. It’s a big decision, and it takes us a while to agree and then actually commit!}
DSC05279At his 15 mo check-up {actually around 16 mos}, L weighed in at 21.2 pounds {10-25%} and was 31 inches long {50%}. He finally took off and started walking on his own between 15 and 16 months. He gets faster every day.
DSC05285Still sleeping and eating like a champ. Loves to watch¬†The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, a cute cartoon about a little red truck named Chuck. He gets SO excited and starts making his “truck” sound every time we turn it on.

DSC05293This month, the Lord was SO gracious to protect L despite a big tumble down the stairs. The fall resulted in a bad bruise on his forehead and a scratched, bleeding nose. We had to make a trip to the ER, and he had to have a CT scan to make sure all was ok internally. Praise God for a normal report. This incident made us so aware of all the potential danger around our son. It made us grateful for his protection, his health, and every day we get to spend with him and care for him. What a timely reminder that Luke isn’t really ours. God has graciously entrusted him to us for a season that we may care for him and instruct him in truth. Our prayer is that we may be found faithful¬†in this joyous, albeit challenging, task.

We’re so thankful for each precious season with our rumbling, tumbling little Mr. Boy!

13 Months

Even though we’ve said goodbye to the¬†dreaded¬†monthly photo shoots in the rocking chair, I still want to document a few things about our little 13-month-old-Mr. Boy. Plus, from time to time, I like to dump some of my favorite iphone pics on the blog in case, God forbid, I ever drop my phone in a toilet or something. It’s a miracle this has never happened. Knock on wood.

At 13 months, Mr. Boy is OBSESSED with lights. He points to them in every store and restaurant and says “ight, ight, ight.” When we go in to get him from his crib, he’s usually standing, pointing to the two lamps on top of his bookshelves. He squeals and says “ight” until we turn them on. Then, he grins like you’ve never seen.

Most days he wakes up really happy.

But other days, he wakes up on the wrong side of the crib.

And on those days, we snuggle and watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s wise to let Grumpy get a little more rest because meals can be difficult enough without anyone being in a mood. At the one year mark, Mr. Boy started getting pickier about what he will eat. Things he once seemed to love, he won’t touch. He still REFUSES deli meat and pretty much all meat unless it’s hidden. He loves cheese and most fruits and veggies. He loves to squeal “ot, ot, ot” {hot} anytime I pull something out of the microwave or oven. He loves to repeatedly throw food and sippy cup on the floor during meals. Unfortunately, pops on the hand don’t seem to be conveying the message that this is a no-no.

Still not much interest in walking on his own. He enjoys walking while we hold his hands or pushing the bottom part of his stroller. He can stand on his own, but {usually} he refuses to do it. He had fun at the Wild West fall festival at Southern this year.

L always has fun with his boy Jacks, despite the fact that Christy and I sometimes drag them through the absolute insanity that is Forever 21. . . and numerous other stores at the mall. Bless their hearts. Looks like it really bothers them, doesn’t it?
The zoo is a better option for little guys. Monkeys are definitely more fascinating than manikins. As they should be.

{Doesn’t L look like such a little boy, rather than a baby, in those shoes?!? Tears . . .}

{I’m still refusing to cut his hair, by the way.}

We’re enjoying football season. Ok, that’s a lie. We’re enjoying dressing for football season. Though it’s sad to admit, Adam works most Saturdays, which means that I rarely even turn the games on. I realize this is unimaginable to some of you, but admittedly, I went to football games in college to socialize and people-watch and wear something cute in orange and blue. And now I watch football games on TV when there’s a party or food or family involved. Or when Adam’s home and all into it. Or when it’s a big game that I care about. Subtract these factors and football just doesn’t do it for me. I realize this is southern football blasphemy. Seriously. I don’t even belong in my family of intense football people.

Regardless, we wear our team colors. Most Saturdays, we wear orange and blue . . .

{He’s changed so much in a year!}

But every now and then we wear purple and gold for Doc-Doc, Aunt Jenny, and Uncle Will. We love J-J dearly, but we just can’t bring ourselves to wear that crimson and white.

I walked outside one day, and Adam had Mr. Boy perched in the back of the car amongst  all his army gear. I thought it was a cute photo opp.
Mr. Boy LOVES to look at books and have stories read to him. And he loves a good swing . . .
 Loves being outside.

And I think he may even have a little bit of his mama in him ūüôā . . .

Mr. Boy will still put his head on my shoulder and snuggle. He’ll still let me rock him for a few minutes before bed. I’m hanging onto those things as long as I can.

Because I don’t have enough pictures of my child. . .

I made a few one-year photos of Mr. Boy that I wanted to share.

We’re planning to have an actual¬†professional make some family photos later in the fall when the leaves change, but I wanted to attempt a few good shots at Mr. Boy’s one year mark. You know, maybe score a few framers.

{Because, like I said, we just don’t have enough pictures of him}

{I’m hoping you’re catching the sarcasm.}

And. . . it was an act of congress. Fortunately, Mr. Boy was quite mesmerized by cars whizzing by on the street. That kept him still for a hot second. Or two.

L’s precious outfit was a gift from his girl Ama-Watts. I think her sweet mom helped her pick it out :). It is so special to me because it will always remind me of¬†them.

Mom said that these pictures remind her of a young Brit roaming the English countryside. . .

{Hark! A lark!}

And I can see that. 

He most definitely is our little explorer. And he most definitely has our hearts.