Advent Day 21: Birth Announcement

Key Scripture: Luke 2:8-18

On the night Mary gave birth to her baby, a group of shepherds were watching over their sheep in a field near Bethlehem. All of a sudden, an angel appeared, and the bright light of God’s glory lit up the dark field! The shepherds were surprised and very scared, but the angel told them not to be afraid because he was bringing good news. This news was going to fill their hearts up with happiness! And this good news wasn’t just for the shepherds. It was for all sinful people in need of a savior.

The angel announced that the long-awaited Savior and King of God’s people had been born in the city of David! The shepherds would recognize him because he was wrapped in swaddling cloths and resting in a manger. Suddenly, an entire army of angels lit up the sky! These angels sang praises to God in heaven, glorifying him for sending the Savior who would restore peace on earth between sinful humans and a holy God.

This was the best and brightest birth announcement you could ever imagine! The angels were announcing the arrival of the one God had promised from the very beginning…the child of Adam and Eve who would bruise the snake’s head…the one from Abraham’s family would bring blessing to all the families of the world… the Shepherd King from David’s family who would become the Lamb and save God’s people! This birth announcement did not come first to the rich, powerful, or really good people. No, shepherds were the ones to first hear about the birth of God’s human Lamb. Lowly, smelly, sinful shepherds were the first to hear the good news of the gospel proclaimed loud and clear!

The shepherds were so excited that they immediately ran to see the baby. They found him lying in the manger, just as the angel had said. After seeing the baby with their own eyes, the shepherds couldn’t keep this good news to themselves. They told everyone, and they praised God for keeping his promises to his people!


Main Point: An angel announced the good news of baby Jesus’s birth to a group of shepherds watching over their sheep at night. Many angels lit up the sky, singing praises to God for sending the Savior of his people!

Christ Connection: The gospel of Jesus Christ was announced first to Jewish shepherds who couldn’t keep the good new to themselves. Soon, this good news would be announced to people from all nations on earth (Romans 1:16).

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