Advent Day 15: The Suffering Lamb

Key Scripture: Isaiah 53:2-6, 10-11

God told Isaiah a young plant would shoot up from the stump of David’s family tree. This meant a new baby would one day be born into Abraham and David’s big family. This baby would grow up to be the promised Shepherd King who would rule forever on David’s throne and make the world right and good again.

God told Isaiah the Shepherd King would not look the way people might expect him to look. He would not be rich and powerful like most kings. He would not be handsome and strong like David. Many of God’s people would actually hate and reject him. They would not recognize him or understand the work he had come to do.

Before the Shepherd King would sit on David’s throne, he was going to war against the lying snake from the garden. This battle would hurt him terribly. The Shepherd King would do nothing wrong, but he would be beaten and killed on a cross. Why? Well, sin had caused God’s people to run far away from him, like lost sheep wandering away from their shepherd. If a holy God was going to live with his children on Earth, the price for sin had to be paid. And it had to be paid with blood.

For years, God had provided lambs for his people to sacrifice as a way to make payment for their sin. The lambs were killed and their blood was offered to God by the priests in the temple. The lambs died, so the people could live. But new lambs had to be killed again and again, day after day. The blood of animals was never enough to pay for human sin completely. God’s people needed a sinless human to become their perfect lamb and pay for their sin.

God was telling Isaiah that the promised Shepherd King from David’s family would willingly become the Lamb for God’s people! Without fighting back, God’s human Lamb would suffer, bleed, and die a terrible death to pay for sin once and for all. The Lamb would die, so God’s people could live.


Main Point: The Shepherd King would have no sin. He would be the perfect Lamb who would suffer and die to pay the price for human sin.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ is the Shepherd King who became the Lamb (1 Peter 2:22-25).

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