Advent Day 14: Roots and a Shoot

Key Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-2, 6-10

The people of God continued to disobey him by worshipping idols. During this time, God spoke to his people through men called prophets. God gave the prophet a message, and the prophet gave that message to the people. Many of the prophets warned Israel about the judgment God would bring if they didn’t stop worshipping idols. The prophets urged God’s sinful children to come back to him before it was too late.

A man named Isaiah was one of God’s prophets. He warned that God was going to use foreign nations to punish his people for continually disobeying him. Israel and Judah would be attacked by their enemies. Some of God’s people would be carried away from the land to be slaves in foreign nations, and others would die.

The prophets spoke messages that were sad and hard to hear. They reminded the people that God must punish sin because he is holy and good. But the prophets also spoke messages of hope, reminding God’s people that he would keep the promises he had made to their fathers because he is merciful and faithful.

God’s punishment for human evil would be kind of like an ax, cutting down a forest of trees. Much would be lost, but not everything. God gave Isaiah a message of hope: The stump of one “family tree” in Judah would sprout a shoot of new life and grow again.

The name of King David’s father was Jesse. God promised that a branch of new life was going to shoot up from “the stump of Jesse.” Now, Isaiah wasn’t talking about an actual stump and branch. He was using these things as word pictures to help God’s people understand that God would keep the promise he made to David. A king coming from David’s family roots would sit on the throne forever!

The final King to sit on David’s throne will have God’s Spirit on him. He will love and obey God perfectly. One day, he will bring total peace on Earth, making all things right and good again. With this King in charge, there will be no more fighting, tears, sin or death. People from every nation in the world will finally see God’s glory and be brought together to dwell with him in true rest from their enemies.


Main Point: God used foreign nations to punish his disobedient people, but he promised that a perfect King from David’s family was coming to make all things right and sit on the throne forever.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ is the promised King who came from Jesse and David’s family (Acts 13:22-23).

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