Advent Day 12: Shepherd King

Key Scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-13

After forty years in the wilderness, God brought the Israelites into the land he had promised them. Now that they were living in the land, God’s people wanted a human king like the nations around them. They rejected God as their ruler and protector because they wanted a king they could see to go out and fight their battles. God warned his people that a human king wasn’t best for them, but they kept on demanding. So, God gave them what they wanted.

God chose a man named Saul to be king over Israel, but Saul didn’t obey some very important rules God had given him. He didn’t submit himself to God as the true King, so the kingship was taken from him. God chose a young shepherd boy named David to be Israel’s second king. David was “a man after God’s own heart.” This means David loved God and worshipped him alone. But David still had a sin problem. In fact, he sinned in some big, terrible ways. But David confessed his sin and turned back to God.

When David became king of Israel, God was living among His people in a tent called the tabernacle. The tabernacle is where the tablets of stone given to Moses were kept. It was where God’s glory lived. Men called priests worked in the tabernacle. The priests helped the people worship God by offering the blood of animals to him as a way to pay for their sin.  

David wanted God’s glory to live in a real building, not a tent. He wanted to build a house for God called the temple. But the timing wasn’t yet right. Instead, God promised to make David a house (which means a big family of kings) and a kingdom that would last forever! God promised that a king from David’s family would always sit on Israel’s throne.

God kept His promise. Many years later, a child from David’s family was born a king. Like David, he was also a shepherd. He called himself “The Good Shepherd” because, unlike the other kings from David’s family, he had no sin. This Good Shepherd King gave up his life to save the sheep—God’s people. He was the only one able to save humans from sin and rule on David’s throne forever.


Main Point: David was a shepherd boy chosen by God to be king over his people. David’s heart was fully devoted to the one, true God. God promised David a kingdom that would last forever.

Christ Connection: Jesus is the sinless Son of David. He is the Shepherd King who laid down His life for the sheep and will one day reign forever (Luke 1:31-33; John 10:11).

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