Advent Day 9: Evil for Good

Key Scripture: Genesis 45:4-8; 50:18-20

Jacob had twelve sons, but his favorite son was named Joseph. Jacob gave Joseph a special robe of many colors. This made Joseph’s brothers angry. They hated Joseph even more when he told them about his dreams. Joseph dreamed that his brothers would one day bow down to him! The brothers were so angry and full of hate toward Joseph that they sold him for silver to a group of travelers. Joseph was carried far away to the country of Egypt as a slave.

But God had not left Joseph. He was planning to use Joseph in a big way to keep the promises he had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God helped Joseph tell people what their dreams meant. Joseph was able to explain the meaning of a dream for Pharaoh, the King of Egypt. He told Pharaoh there would be a terrible famine in the land. There wouldn’t be enough food for everyone to live. Pharaoh would need to save up a lot of food beforehand to keep them alive during the famine. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of this very important job and made him a powerful ruler in Egypt!

Joseph stored up so much food in Egypt that people from other nations came to buy it during the famine, including Joseph’s brothers. When they arrived in Egypt, Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him. When Joseph told them who he was, his brothers were upset and afraid. They thought he might treat them badly like they had treated him. But Joseph told them not to fear. He knew the bad things his brothers had done were all part of God’s good plan. God had sent Joseph to Egypt and made him powerful so that Jacob’s family would not starve in the famine. God was taking care of his chosen people! When Jacob heard that his son Joseph was alive, he and all his family moved to Egypt where they had plenty of food to eat.

Many years later, there was another Son in Jacob’s family who was hated by his brothers. These brothers did terrible things to this Son as well. They sold him for silver and even had him killed. But God also used these evil actions as part of his good plan. He used these evil actions to save the world.


Main Point: Joseph’s brothers treated him badly, but God used their evil actions for good. God sent Joseph to Egypt to save his family from starving in the famine.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ was the Son from Jacob’s family who was hated and killed by his brothers, but God used these evil actions to save people from every nation on earth (Acts 2:22-24).

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