Advent Day 5: Tower of Vainglory

Key Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9

After the flood, God blessed Noah and his family. He told Noah and his three sons and their wives to have lots of children who would spread out and fill the earth with his glory. There was just one problem: Noah still had a sinful heart. He passed sin down to his sons, who passed it to their children, and the cycle continued again.

Before long, God’s people were disobeying his Word again. They decided they didn’t want to spread out on the earth for God’s glory. Instead, they wanted to stay together for safety and work for their own glory. The people settled in one area and began to build a city and a tower that would reach to heaven. They thought they were pretty great, and they wanted the whole world to know it!

But God knew his children would never be happy trying to make themselves great apart from him. True happiness comes from being with God and living for his glory. No matter how high the tower got, God’s children would never be able to reach him on their own. So, God came down. Because he is kind, God Most High stooped down low to stop the work his children were doing before they climbed any farther away from him.

God made his children speak many different languages for the first time! If the people couldn’t understand each other, they couldn’t continue to work together disobeying God. Noah’s big family was now forced to spread out. People who spoke the same language grouped together and then separated from groups who spoke different languages. The place of the unfinished tower was called “Babel” (which means “confusion”) because that is where God mixed up the people’s words.

The tower of Babel reminds us that we can’t work our way up to God, but he loves us so much that he is willing to come to us, even in our sinfulness. Many years after the tower incident, God came down to his people again. This time, he didn’t come to separate them from each other because of  sin. He came to save them from sin and bring them back together as one big family.


Main Point: God’s children disobeyed him by staying in one place and building a city and tower for their own glory. God came down and spread them out on earth by making them speak different languages.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ came down to Earth to save his people from their sins and bring them together again (Philippians 2:5-11 & Acts 2:1-8).

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