Advent Day 4: Judgement and Mercy

Key Scripture: Genesis 6:9-22

Sin came into the world through just one act of disobedience, but it grew and spread like a horrible weed taking over the world. Adam and Eve passed sin on to their children, who passed it on to their children, and the cycle continued. Sin grew so big and bad in people that God decided to wipe away all he had created and start over with a man named Noah. God’s special grace was on Noah. Even though he had a sinful heart like every other human, God had a relationship with Noah. God helped him do what was right in a land of great evil.

God told Noah he was going to cover the entire earth with water, wiping away everyone and everything in a flood. He commanded Noah to build a very big boat called an ark. Then, God made a special promise. He promised to protect Noah, his family, and two of every kind of animal inside the ark during the flood. Noah believed God and obeyed him by building the ark. It was a job that took many years and a lot of trust in God’s Word.

After Noah finished the ark, it began to rain. For forty days and forty nights, it rained harder than you can imagine. Water fell from the sky and shot up from beneath the earth. The waters rose higher and higher, covering the tallest mountains and killing every living thing on Earth. But God remembered Noah. After he, his family, and the animals were safely inside the ark, God shut the door. God used the ark to protect them from the violent waters outside. When the rain finally stopped and the waters dried up, God brought everyone out of the ark. Noah immediately worshipped God by offering an animal sacrifice for sin. He knew God is the one who saves!

The flood reminds us that sin is very bad, and God must punish sin. The ark reminds us that God loves sinners. God showed mercy to Noah and his family in the ark. After the flood, God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise to never again punish sin through a worldwide flood. Many years later, though, God’s judgment and mercy were seen together in a different way–not through water and an ark, but through a man on a cross.


Main Point: Because God is holy, he must punish sin. Because God is merciful, he saves sinners by his grace. God punished sin through a flood. He saved sinners through an ark.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ is the ark! Jesus protects all sinners who are in him from God’s judgment against sin (John 10:9).

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