Advent Day 3: Glory Thieves

Key Scripture: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7, 15

The Garden of Eden was a wonderful place, full of beautiful trees with delicious fruit. Adam and Eve lived in the garden, and God walked and talked with them there. He allowed them to eat food from every tree except one–the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the garden. If they ate from this tree, God promised they would die. This tree was a reminder that God is the one who decides what’s right and what’s wrong because he is the Creator. Obeying God meant Adam and Eve would have everything they needed and be completely happy!

Everything was perfect until a snake slithered into the garden and started telling lies. The snake found Eve and began to question God’s Word: Did God really say…? Eve started to wonder why God wouldn’t let her eat the fruit from that one tree in the middle of the garden. Was he trying to keep something good from her? Then, the snake told a big fat lie! He told Eve she would not surely die if she ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The snake promised that eating the fruit would make Eve wise like God.

But Eve was already like God in many ways. She was made in his image to show a true picture of him! Obeying God’s Word is what would make Eve truly wise. Sadly, though, she believed being like God wasn’t enough. Eve wanted to be God. She didn’t want to reflect God’s glory; she wanted to steal it for herself!

Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit. She gave some to Adam who disobeyed too, and the darkness of sin came into the world. Adam and Eve could not continue to live with God. They had to leave the garden. They would no longer see and reflect God’s glory as they once had. Life would be hard, and one day they were going to die. This is a very sad story, isn’t it? Well, it would be if not for God. God gave Adam and Eve a promise of hope. One day, he was going to send one of their own children to crush the head of that evil, lying snake and make everything right and good in the world again.


Main Point: Adam and Eve sinned against God by disobeying his Word. Evil and pain came into the world.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ is the future child of Adam and Eve who bruised the head of the serpent through his saving work on the cross. One day, he will defeat the snake once and for all (1 John 3:8; Hebrews 2:14; Revelation 20:10).

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