Advent Day 1: Christmas in Creation

Key Scripture: Genesis 1:1-3

Did you know that the Christmas story begins on the very first page of Scripture? It begins with the words “In the beginning, GOD….” You see, the Christmas story is a long, beautiful story about God.

Before anything else existed, God was here. No one created God. He has always been, and he has always had everything he ever needed within himself. God doesn’t need food or clothes. He doesn’t get hungry like us. God doesn’t get tired and need to sleep. He doesn’t need love from anyone else because he himself is love. There are three persons in our one God–God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit–and there is perfect love between them. In fact, there is perfect everything in our three-in-one God. He is altogether beautiful and good.

The very first thing God tells us in the Bible is that he created the heavens and the earth. God made everything. He made things we can see, like trees and animals, and he made things we can’t see, like angels and faraway planets. If God doesn’t need anything, why do you think he created everything?

The Bible says God created the whole world for his glory. This means God created everything so his perfect goodness and beauty could be enjoyed and praised! When God first created Earth, it was a dark and messy blob of matter. Do you know what God made next? He made light! God made light to shine on the dark earth, so his glory could be seen by and through everything else he would create!

Later on in this story, we’ll see a different kind of darkness covering the earth and keeping God’s glory from being seen and praised as it should be. We’ll also see the true Light of the World coming to Earth to overcome that darkness and reveal the glory of God as it had never been seen before. The Christmas story is about light chasing away darkness!


Main Point: Christmas begins with creation. God has always been here. He doesn’t need anything, but he created everything to bring him glory.

Christ Connection: Jesus Christ is the true Light of the World. He brings life to sinners living in spiritual darkness and reveals God’s glory (John 1:1-5,9;  Isaiah 43:5-7).

Tracing Glory – Advent Devotional

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