Trusting God in Transition

“Go where you’re sent,

Stay where you’re put,


And give what you’ve got

Until you’re done.” –Jill Briscoe

When I came across this quote on Instagram, it resonated with me. Such good wisdom. Simple instructions. So seemingly clear cut.

Almost exactly four years ago, we answered the call to move back to Alabama from Kentucky for Adam to serve First Baptist Church Hartselle as Minister of Education and young adults. We had started looking for ministry jobs as Adam neared the end of seminary, but Hartselle wasn’t even on our radar. We didn’t send Adam’s resume’ because we were not aware of the open position or even aware of the church itself; yet, all the necessary doors opened unexpectedly and at the right time. It became clear that God was sending us.

FBC Hartselle–March 10, 2013

So, we moved. We unpacked. We stayed. And we’ve been loved by so many.

We’ve taught and discipled and counseled and prayed and invested and loved so deeply in return. We’ve built precious friendships with people that it’s honestly hard to remember not knowing four years ago. The past four years haven’t been easy, but they have been good. God has done so much work in our own hearts in this season of ministry. He’s uprooted idols. He’s taught us that our first priority is to know Him, not work for Him. He’s given us grace to trust Him to meet every need. He has proven His faithfulness time and time again. And by the power of God, we’ve done our best to pour ourselves out for the Lord and for others—all to the glory of God and for the expansion of His mission from Hartselle to the ends of the earth. We’ve given it all we’ve got.

And now God is sending again. For the second time, God has opened doors that only he could open. He has confirmed that our season of ministry at FBC is done and that we are to go where he is sending us now. A week ago today, Adam answered the call to serve as Associate pastor of small groups and administration at Capshaw Baptist Church in the Madison/Huntsville area. Although there is sadness in leaving a congregation we love deeply, we go with joy—joy with what has been and joy with what will be. Our minds do not fully comprehend all that God has in store for this next chapter, but we know there will be new places to serve, more friendships to add, more people to love and by whom to be loved. Doubtless, there will also be new challenges to face and new chances to learn and grow and depend on God more fully. We look forward with eager expectation for all that He has is in store.

Change is never easy, but what an honor it is to be led by the Lord, to go where he calls, and to trust Him through every stage of the transition. The more life I have behind me, the more I am able to see how he has gone before me every step of the way. This gives me assurance that  He will continue to go before us in the days to come. Adam and I count it a privilege that he has chosen to use vessels like us–once broken, now being restored–for his purposes. If our story plays even a tiny part in his grand story of the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ, we will consider our lives well lived. To God be the glory! May his fame be spread all over the earth!

Capshaw Baptist Church–February 12, 2017

One thought on “Trusting God in Transition

  1. You are so eloquent, Sarah! I have come to love you and yours in these four years and pray that God will bless you as never before!! I will certainly miss your sweet smile and spirit, and the warm greetings I always get from Adam! I’m thankful for FB so that we can continue to see your beautiful family grow and change in years to come! ❤🙏❤🙏❤

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