2 months with Nate

Our Natey baby boy has been with us two whole months, and even though we’re still sort of stumbling through the newborn fog, we absolutely adore him. He is truly the sweetest baby. Rarely cries, sleeps well, and does not seem one bit bothered by his brothers’ wild antics, loud screaming, and inability to give him personal space at times. This one knows how to go with the flow.

With Luke and John Wicks, I wrote detailed blog posts to record their milestones for each month of their first year(s). Not sure I’m gonna be able to pull that off for my little Nathan. Third child probs. Most days, I feel a tad overwhelmed with all that needs to be done to care for three little (very) dependent people, and blogging has fallen way down the priority totem pole. But I’m hoping to carve out some time here and there to record little updates.

I prayed that #3 would be an easy baby, and God was gracious. Nate slept for most of his first month of life it seems, and he’s finally started waking up this past month. He loves to lay on his playmat, kick his legs and arms, and stare intently at the colorful star toy above him. He nurses about every 3 hours during the day and has never had a bottle, mostly because I just haven’t wanted to take the time to pump and fix him one when it’s so much quicker to just nurse. Poor guy has LOTS of gas and had to have some tests run because of a very bloated stomach and frequent projectile vomiting. Everything checked out fine, and he seems to be spitting up less and less. To have so much gas, he is still a very calm baby.

I’ve been less stringent with the Baby Wise schedule that I used with L and JW, but Nate has still pretty naturally fallen into an eat, wake, sleep pattern.  Like his brothers, he’s not great at taking long naps in his bassinet, but he’s sleeping 4 to 6 hour stretches at night. He sleeps great in his car seat when we’re on the go.

I call him “Mr. Serious” because he’s pretty hard to impress, but we are starting to get sweet smiles more frequently. This time around, I’ve been much more intentional about trying to relax and enjoy this fleeting season.

Sweet Natey, I’ve loved every second of these first two months. You are a joy and a blessing to our family. I can’t wait to watch you grow and see God’s plans for you unfold, and I’m praying that he’ll make you a mighty warrior for His Kingdom. 

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