Naming a person can be a real challenge. Especially when that person is the third child of the same gender. We used our favorite boy name on our first son, and since then, we’ve had to think pretty hard to come up with boy names that we love just as much!

After much deliberation and back-and-forth {mostly on my part, of course}, we’ve landed on a name we love for our 3rd little boy.

Nathan Kenyon Rice

We’ll call him Nate.

Nathan is a name I’ve always liked. The name is derived from the Hebrew verb meaning “to give” and can be rendered “he [God] has given” or “Gift of God.” This meaning is significant to me because children are so clearly a gift from God’s hand. Years ago, I never would have anticipated that God would one day bless me with a third SON, but He has! And this child is such a precious, undeserved gift. Also, the name is special to us because Adam’s dearest childhood friend was named Nathan. This friend was killed in a tragic accident when the boys were still in elementary school. Adam will always love his friend.

Kenyon is Adam’s middle name. He was named after a close family friend. I love that one of our sons will share this unique part of his father’s name. We gave all three of our boys a first name that we just liked (all three also happen to be biblical names) and a middle name that has family significance. You can read what I wrote about naming Luke and John Wicks here and here.

Luke has had his own ideas about what this child should be named. Even before we found out what we were having, he was certain the baby was a boy and that his name was going to be John Wicks. I tried to explain how this could be a bit confusing since we already have one JW in the family, but he would hear none of it. After we found out that we are, in fact, having a boy, Luke was adamant that he would be named Clark. My mom said, “As in Christmas Vacation Clark?!? Come to find out, Luke was not naming his brother after Clark W. Griswold but after some character in his Dr. Seuss book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. For a while, he told me how unhappy he was with me for calling this baby by the wrong name! Then, out of the blue, he decided to come around. During his prayers one night recently, he said, “Dear God, help us to have a good day with baby Nate tomorrow.” Then, he opened his eyes and proudly declared that he was happy to call the baby Nate now. He later said, “Nathan Kenyon is a great name!” I would just love to know what goes on in his little mind!

So thankful for another healthy growing boy. Can’t wait to meet our little Nate.

IMG_3084 (1)

This picture is so funny to me! None of our boys have been modest during ultrasounds!

IMG_3086 (1)

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