Baby Boy 3

Sweet Baby Boy #3,

I’m glad we know it’s you in there. And I’m so glad YOU are the one God has for our family. A lot of folks seemed to think that we really needed a girl to go along with your two wild brothers, but God knew we needed you. And you need to know right from the start that God always knows best. He knows better than me or your dad or anyone else he’ll bring into your life. He doesn’t make mistakes. He is shaping and forming your little life right now. He is completely in control and completely wise. All that He does is right and good. You need to know that you can trust Him.

You should also know from the start how much your dad and I love you. Some days (most days), parenthood puts us through the ringer. It’s a hard job, and we may seem tired or stressed at times. Sometimes we lose patience and raise our voices, but you need to know that we love you and your brothers deeply, and we count ourselves so blessed to get to parent each of you. You also need to know that we are not perfect, but we know Someone who is. We want to introduce you to Him from the start. You will need his forgiveness and grace as much as your brothers and your dad and I do. 

Speaking of your brothers, they are full of vitality and personality! I can’t wait for you to meet them. You will be entertained by their antics from the beginning. You will learn from them, laugh at them, bicker with them and love them dearly. How fun to have brothers to share a life with! They are selfish with their toys, but they’re slowly, slowly learning to give and share. You will have to learn too. You’ll need help from Someone greater… just like they do. Will you be full of words like Luke? Or full of rhythm and charm like John Wicks? Will you share their sandy blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes? Will you love the water like they do? Oh, I wonder what you’ll be like. I can’t wait to meet you. 

Our hope and prayer is that you will grow to be strong–a strong man who images our good God and spreads His glory all over the world. If you know, love, and obey Him, you will be deeply satisfied and deeply happy. How we pray for you to know Him! We love you so much, sweet boy. See you soon!



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