The things he says (part 2)

To say that Luke is a verbal child is kind of an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that he never stops talking. And he talks to us like he’s a little adult. The things he says keep us rolling. I’ve been drafting this blog for a little while, writing down the funny things he says as they happen so I won’t forget them.

A few weeks ago, we went to the zoo with my parents and brother. Luke really wasn’t all that interested in the animals. He was, however, obsessed with riding the train. Shocker. A few days after the zoo, I said, “What was your favorite animal at the zoo, Luke? He thought for a second and responded with, “How about, what was my favorite train at the zoo?!?”

Sometimes he says things that surprise me:

Don’t put that on instagram, Mom. {What?!?}

You can’t get me to stop cryin’, Mom. It’s impossible! {For the record, he is a sass, and he was perfectly happy when he said this!}

Luke loves his yellow blanket. He sleeps with it and sometimes carries it around the house. The other day he ran in the kitchen and said, “I forgot my best friend yellow blanket in here!

I have to steal yellow blanket away to wash it when the filth gets to be too much, and one day after retrieving it from the dryer, Luke said, “I’m sorry Mom put you away in the washer, yellow blanket. Yellow blanket, I love you so!

Luke had to apologize to us for being disrespectful {Adam’s parents happened to be there too}. He said, “I’m sorry, Mom. I’m sorry, Dad.” I forgive you, Mom. I forgive you, Dad. And I forgive you too PawPaw”

He loves music and loves to sing. One of his favorite songs is “Behold our God.” He recently sang…”Behold our King, nothing can compare, come let us adore Him!”…Then had a revelation and said, “It’s kinda like a pear!” {realizing that “compare” rhymes with “pear”.}

Here is a declaration about monsters that I posted on instagram….

IMG_1189 And here’s one about Wal-Mart…{Like I said, SASS}. IMG_1227Luke is very into letters. He loves to sing the alphabet song and point out letters he recognizes on various signs, in books, etc. His favorite letter to point is “A.” He also loves to point out “M” and says, “That stands for you, Mama!” He also recognizes “D” for “daddy” and “W” for Wicks.

He loves to spell his name and says, “L-U-K-E! That spells ME!”

Luke likes to speak to us in imperatives. We are constantly telling him that he is not to command us to do things. The other day as we were driving, there were these things in the road that made a loud sound as I drove over them. Luke screamed, “Mom, do NOT do that, Mom!” Then, as if anticipating what I might say, he said, “I do not command you!”

He often commands us to dance or sing {or to stop dancing or singing…it has to be on bossy boy’s terms} or to “Cwap {clap} with me!” The whole family {including John Wicks} will sit around the table clapping.

Sometimes if I do something he likes, he’ll passionately declare, “Good job, Mom! I’m so proud of you!

The other day, he was sitting in Adam’s 4runner and said, “I like to ride with Daddy in his truck. I do not like to ride with you, Mom. I said,Aww! I’m gonna cry. He pulled my face close to his and said, “It’s ok. I’ll kiss it and make it all better.”

We’re working on potty training. He’s doing pretty well with “number 1” but adamantly refuses to do “number 2” on the potty, regardless of what bribes we use. We have gotten him to try a few times, though. One day he sat on the pot {for a lonnnng time} with no success, then finally made a tooting sound with his mouth and said, ” I did it, Mom! I poo-pooed in the potty!


Oh, this boy. In some moments, he is the sweetest, most charming little thing I’ve ever met. In others, he is the most challenging, disobedient, argumentative child I’ve ever met {I hope some of this is the “twos”}. He keeps me laughing and on my knees praying for grace and strength and wisdom. He is a unique challenge and a precious gift. He has a knock-out personality! I love him so very much and cannot wait to see the person he becomes as he grows.

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