10 Months of John Wicks

I’m a month behind. Yet again. So, this will be a 10-11 month update. Honestly, I consider it a victory that I’m getting it posted before his 11 month birthday (May 4). Also, with Luke I somehow had time for elaborate monthly photo shoots with my “real” camera. With John Wicks, I’m just dumping all my phone pics and instagram posts on the blog for documentation. I think I’ve pulled the big camera out (maybe) three times since he’s been born. #2ndkidprobs. The camera battery, which has been dead for about two months, is currently charging so that I can do better.

{Oh, and sometimes I give him a bottle of tylenol to shake as a rattle, so he’ll sit still and let me take his picture. #momoftheyear}


This sweet thing is active. He’s crawling at lightning speeds and pulling up on everything. He loves to hang out in Luke’s room and pull himself up to the train table to explore all manner of vehicles. He also loves to pull up on the ottoman and get the remote. While I was cleaning up breakfast this morning, he turned on the TV. He is cruising in the grass with his little push toy but isn’t quite fast enough to do it on the slick hardwood floors yet. He is much more of a risk taker than his big brother. We were still bathing Luke in duck tub at 11 months, and he never once tried to stand up or dive out. We can’t keep John Wicks seated and safe in the big tub. He is constantly pulling up on the side and then falling. JW is definitely more advanced in terms of mobility than Luke was at this age. L was more advanced verbally, though. JW babbles a lot, and every now and then he’ll say “da-da” or “ma-ma.”
IMG_0630Power cords and the dishwasher are major Wicks magnets. If he sees them, he’s immediately drawn to them. He doesn’t pay much attention to the wall outlets, but he does want to touch and chew on lamp cords, phone cords, etc. I’m having to unplug things and try keep them out of reach. I also have to be careful not to put anything sharp in bottom of the dishwasher because he loves to pull out silverware. IMG_0466I know I’ve said this every month, but the child is a bottomless tank. He literally eats twice as much as Luke eats (currently), and at every meal I’m scrounging to figure out what else I can give him as he rapidly devours everything I put down on his tray. (He gets it honest, by the way. My brother’s childhood eating habits are practically legendary in Jackson, and my dad’s mother wrote in his baby book, “Little Norman is still eating like a little pig!” {my paraphrase}). I’m just glad John Wicks is a good eater. He is eating all table food now, and pretty much eats whatever we eat (just torn into very small pieces). He loves pasta, turkey, ham, cheese, Chick-fil-a nuggets and fries (we go at least once a week), eggs, rice, black beans, all fruit, carrots, green beans, cheerios…pretty much anything. He’s not too keen on being spoon fed anymore unless it’s something he really loves. Usually he bats the spoon away and gets food everywhere. He’s pretty much just nursing in the morning and before bed, and he is close to weaning completely. Dad gave me the ok to go ahead and let him try cow’s milk because I could tell he wasn’t getting much milk nursing and didn’t want to start him on formula so close to a year. The adjustment to real milk took Luke a while. John Wicks? Not so much. He sucked down an 8 ounce bottle the second time he tried it. And now when he sees me pull the milk jug out of the fridge, he hyperventilates because he’s so excited and panicked that he might not get it quick enough. He also pitches fits in his high chair when he doesn’t get whatever food he wants. It’s hard because he can’t tell us what he wants, so he just screams until we figure it out. I’m trying to teach him how to sign “please” and “more.” He either stops and smiles at me like, “You’re so funny, Mom!” or just keeps on screaming.
IMG_0486IMG_0538He’s a mama’s boy. Part of it is the age, I’m sure, and the fact that he’s been so attached to me his whole life. Lately he’s been such a snuggle bug, especially when he first wakes up in the morning or after a nap. He’ll lay that little head on my shoulder, cuddle with me on the couch, or let me rock him. I’m trying to read to him more and more. IMG_0578IMG_0676John Wicks got his first pair of shoes this month. He has the teeniest little rolly feet. His sandals are size 1. He’s wearing size 9-12 month clothing. Mostly 12 month.IMG_0731JW and Luke have a typical brother relationship. They love each other. They play together. They fight over toys. They feed off each other’s antics. They make each other laugh. They pester each other. There are times when Luke is so loving and cuddly. Then, there are times when he’s in the mood to throw toys and bang trucks into walls, and even though it isn’t purposeful (most of the time),  John Wick is sometimes in the path of destruction. So, then, when Luke decides he wants to get all up in JW’s face to “love” him, John Wicks is on the defensive. He’s gotten used to trying to protect himself from L’s wildness, so he doesn’t put up with much of the touchy/feely stuff. I think these two are going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of mischief together.
IMG_0606IMG_0669I can’t believe we’re creeping up on JW’s first birthday. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I’m so thankful he’s healthy and that God has given Him close to a year of precious life. At the same time, it saddens me that it goes so fast. The days of cuddling and kissing those pudgy cheeks are flying by. I treasure them. Every. single. one.

John Wicksie boy, I love you so!

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