Hey there, ol’ bloggy blog

I feel like the blog is an old friend that I need to get to know again. We have a lot to catch up on. I’ve missed being here, documenting bits and pieces of our story. Maybe I’ll be able to play catch-up over the next few weeks. Or maybe not. Life is full during this season and especially full this spring as I’m working to complete my biblical counseling internship class.

The internship has been really helpful and challenging and exhausting all at once. With every class I take, I learn and grow and feel more equipped to adequately counsel God’s Word and minister the truths of the gospel to the women in my sphere of influence. This class has been no different. My supervisor has been a wonderful and unexpected God-send. She is such a theologically solid biblical counselor, and I have loved sitting under her and watching her speak truth in love to these women who are desperately trying to rebuild their lives for God’s glory. I’m learning that even though these women have stories vastly different from my story, we aren’t all that different. We are once-broken-now-redeemed-sinner-sufferers, desperately in need of the gospel of Jesus both to justify (save) us and sanctify (grow and transform) us. And God’s Spirit and Word are sufficient! Praise God for that. I’m so thankful to be involved in the gospel mission happening at The Refuge of Grace. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to counsel and disciple several women from our church and to see the Lord doing a work of change in their hearts and lives.

As much as I’m loving the relationships I’m building and the opportunities for real, gospel ministry, it’s hard to balance my time. My family is my primary ministry. My children require full-time, hands-on care right now, and I want to be the one to provide that care (for the most part). It is my joy to take care of them and shepherd their hearts, and I feel certain that is my primary calling during this season of life. But it’s exhausting. Add in counseling, reading, a 38-page certification exam, and trying to provide food and clean laundry for four people, and it’s double exhausting. No, triple exhausting.  The pace I’m keeping right now is not a pace I can keep long-term, and (I hope) summer will provide a much-needed break and time of rest. Maybe then I’ll catch up on blogging…

Until then, I’ll hang on and seek to be faithful. Hope to meet you here again soon. 🙂

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