How I repurposed a large frame

I’ve had lots of little DIY house projects floating around in my head lately. I want to paint the headboard on the guest bed, paint a table in my living room, clean out the garage, and the list goes on. These little projects aren’t getting done right now, though, because my babies need food, fresh diapers, clean clothes, and LOTS of one-on-one attention {and if you read my last post, you know what else we have going}. This is a full time job for me during this season, and that is ok. Because babies have eternal souls. And they grow up and leave. House projects don’t. I do manage to squeeze in an easy project every now and then, more for my enjoyment than anything else. Adam said, “This is like therapy for you, isn’t it?” Well, yes. Yes, it is.

I recently repurposed a large frame as a message board/bulletin board of sorts and created a totally different look very inexpensively. My mom got this Van Gogh copy years ago at a yard sale and had it framed for me. It hung in the kitchen of the apartment I shared with 4 other girls in Auburn. It has recently been hanging in the breakfast nook of our kitchen, and while I really like it, I’m ready for a change.

IMG_8210 I really had no inspiration or plan for this project. I initially decided I would take the canvas out and hang something in the empty frame. So, I browsed Hobby Lobby and came home with a good sized letter “R” and some burlap ribbon. The letter was five bucks. The ribbon was the most expensive part of the project at almost $15.00, which is more than I would typically want to spend on ribbon. But I absolutely LOVED it, and the fabric matched some pillows in my living room, so I went with it. Then, I started experimenting. IMG_8215 I liked it ok but still thought it was a little plain jane, especially with the neutral wall color. IMG_8218 I had lots of leftover ribbon, so decided to add a strip below the letter to use as a space to pin pretty invitations, favorite pictures, appointment cards, etc. I just hot-glued the ribbon to the back of the frame . . .IMG_8237and then pinned a few things up.
IMG_8231After looking at it on the wall for a few days, I still wasn’t satisfied. So, I pulled out the paint. I mixed gray and green Folk Art acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (645 Basil Green and 2500 Greenscape) until I came up with a color I liked. Then, right before the paint was completely dry, I scratched it with my fingernails to distress it.
IMG_8275I can pin a little….
IMG_8267 IMG_8268 or a lot…IMG_8291. . . or nothing at all. The great thing about an empty frame is that you can do so many different things with it. I realize the hanging letter won’t really work if your last name starts with an “L” or an “I” or a letter without a curve to loop the ribbon through. But you could do strips of your favorite ribbon all the way up and clip pictures with clothespins. Or you could hang a pretty wreath in the middle. I’ll probably change mine again before long. I’m thinking I may cover the open back with burlap and put it on my mantle. IMG_8292 The possibilities are endless! 😉

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