6 months of John Wicks

John Wicksie bug, 

I can’t believe your 1/2 birthday has already passed us by! Man, it’s been a fast 6 months. 

I tell people that you’re 6 months going on 6. You think you are such a big boy. You’re dying to get into the mix with your brother. You try to grab absolutely everything within your sight and reach. You want to get your hands on anything you can, and you love to play with anything that makes a crunching sound. You may be the youngest, but you make sure that you are heard loud and clear. You’ve got pipes, boy, and when you scream, you SCREAM!  You love one-on-one attention and are typically happy when anyone is talking to you. You’re quite the little flirt.
SONY DSC You love to sit up and see the world. You’re almost sitting up on your own with no support, but you still struggle with balance and topple forward a lot. You love to bounce in your jumperoo and are happy there for long periods. You are rolling from back to front all the time (lots during the night in your crib), but you have trouble rolling the other way–from tummy to back. You usually cry until I come and roll you back. 
SONY DSCYou’re a good sleeper for the most part (most would say you’re a GREAT sleeper, but I’ve been spoiled by your brother, the sleeping champion). You go to bed around 8, and on a perfect night you’ll sleep until about 6, nurse, and go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. On a not so perfect night, you’ll wake anywhere from 1 to 3 times, and we’ll have to come re-swaddle you and put your paci back in. You’ll usually go back to sleep pretty easily, but every now and then you’re inconsolable. One night, after an hour of trying everything (cry-it-out, paci, nursing, diaper change) we finally took you into the living room and turned on the TV. That broke the cycle, and your daddy finally got you back to sleep. You keep catching colds, and when you’re sick you wake up crying more. 
SONY DSC You still love to eat. You wolf down your baby food and are nursing 5ish times a day. Most of the time, you do not prefer green veggies (translation: you scream bloody murder when I give you a bite of green beans), so i’ve been mixing them with sweet potatoes or carrots. You take them just fine that way. Bless you, if you’ve inherited my sweet tooth. It’s a curse. 
SONY DSC You are very entertained by your brother (who wouldn’t be?) and are often smiling when he’s in the room. The two of you are starting to interact more, and I can’t wait until you can play together. Luke usually calls you John Wicksie or John Wicksie boo-boo, a nickname he picked up from your crazy mama. SONY DSC You’ve got two teeth poking through on the bottom, and they’re the cutest things. I don’t think Luke cut teeth until 8 or 9 months, but how typical that you’re doing everything earlier?!? 6 months going on 6, trying to grow too fast. 
SONY DSCMommyhood is certainly more challenging with two, but you are such a blessing and joy to our hearts. I pray that Christ will change your heart at a young age and that you will repent of your sin and place your faith in Him. I pray you will grow to be a man of integrity, wisdom, courage and humility. I pray you will follow hard after the Lord for all of your days and that your life will bring Him glory. 

You mean the world to me, my sweet second child! Happy 1/2 birthday, little Wicksie boy. 

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