Hard but worth it.

SONY DSCThey may look picture perfect, but there’s more behind those cute, Christmas-y smiles than you can see.

Like the 50 bad pictures taken to score this good one.

Or the fact that Luke was bribed with a sucker or two to get him to smile. (#momoftheyearaward)

Or the unshowered, haggard-looking, yoga-pants-wearing young mom behind the camera.

It’s easy to post pictures that make our lives look tidy and pretty and, well, together.

But, the truth is, there’s always more to the story than the pictures tell.

Some  Most days I feel like motherhood is kicking me in the pants. 

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCYes, there are smiles, cuddles, endearing chatter, and wide-eyed wonder.

Yes, motherhood (and homemaking) is extremely fulfilling at times.

But can I be honest for a second?

It’s hard. Really hard.

I often feel totally overwhelmed, stressed, torn, and really tired. 

Tired of temper-tantrums, unloading the dishwasher, and searching for little socks in enormous piles of unfolded laundry.

Tired of trying to come up with something new and stimulating to keep my children entertained.

Torn between taking a nap or folding all those clothes while the babes sleep.

Torn between taking a shower or cleaning the shower (which quite possibly may be growing something).

Torn about which need (among many) to meet first. Tend to a screaming John Wicks or pour Luke more milk? Nurse John Wicks or change Luke’s dirty diaper.

It’s a daily, mental battle. I want to enjoy and savor every moment of these “little years,” but in most moments, I feel like I’m just fighting to survive them. Hanging on for dear life, if you will. Fighting for more sleep and demanding some “me time.”

I want to never take my children for granted, to remember that they are undeserved blessings from God Himself. I know that this is a season I will miss one day, but in the here and now I catch myself thinking, “Motherhood is so hard! I can’t do it. I JUST WANT A BREAK BUT THERE SEEMS TO BE NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!”


SONY DSCHis grace is sufficient. His power is made perfect in your weakness. These are the words that the Spirit keeps bringing to my mind.

My grace is sufficient, Sarah, even when you feel tired and weak and at the end of yourself. And I WANT you to come to the end of yourself so you will see your desperate need for Me. Your weakness is good because then I receive the glory in your mothering. 

In the Gospel Transformation Study Bible notes for 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, I read, “The gospel give us a radical shift in thinking, one that is deeply liberating. For if weakness is something in which we can boast, nothing can ultimately overwhelm us.” 

This is the hope of the Gospel. In our union with Christ, we not only receive His righteousness, but also His STRENGTH. This is the strength we need to press on in doing what he’s called us to do, even when it’s rough. And ultimate joy comes in being unified with and satisfied in Him.
Not “me time.” Not a break. Not a new season.


As mom was hugging me goodbye after Thanksgiving, she said something that really struck me: “Family is hard but worth it.” 

I think this will be my motto for motherhood, in every season and with every challenge.

Hard, yes. But so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Hard but worth it.

  1. I’ve been meaning to come back and comment on this post. I thought this was such a true, beautiful tribute to the season we’re in! Parenting is SO HARD. Grace is SO NEEDED. Thanks for writing!

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