It’s always fun to look back and see how things have changed in just a year’s time. SONY DSC Last year on Halloween night, it was freezing cold. We lived in a big city and had a one-year-old baby who wasn’t quite walking yet. We went to our small, inner-city church to hang out (briefly) as they passed out hot chocolate to Trick-or-treaters. Luke really had no concept of the goodness of candy at the time.

SONY DSCThis year, Halloween highs were in the 70’s. We now live in small-town Alabama and have an extremely active toddler AND a precious, chubby little 5-month-old. This year, we helped with trunk-or-treat at our new church. Luke definitely had {and has} a grasp on candy. There was no shortage of suckers {or Hawaiian punch} for the little man. Sugar high doesn’t even cover it. He ran all over the parking lot from trunk to trunk with various people supervising him for at least 2 hours, having an absolute ball. Even though the place was packed, I wasn’t too worried about losing him. I promise you could hear him in the next state. Have I mentioned that we do not have a quiet child? We do not have a quiet child.

SONY DSC{Before we even got to the church, John Wicks was screaming, “Get me out of this duck furball suit!”}

SONY DSCTrunk-or-Treat was a huge success in terms of community outreach. Like I said, tons of people came through. Most of them weren’t church members.



And finally, I just have to share a picture of my favorite trunk and costume combo. We saw lots of camo and long gray beards throughout the night {no telling how much the Duck Dynasty crew made off costumes this year}, but Keith and Angie definitely won the prize in my book! They went all out.

SONY DSCIt was a fun Halloween eve. Our animated, rosy-cheeked little fireman enjoyed it so.

SONY DSC{On the real Halloween night we stayed home–cozy, warm, and dry! We had a total of 2 trick-or-treaters come to our door. So, Adam and I may or may not have consumed an obscene amount of chocolate over the past week} 😉

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