3 months of John Wicks

2 weeks old
2 weeks old
3 months old
3 months old

Three months is that magical time when I feel like we start to emerge from the deep waters of newborn newness and slowly move out of the “survival mode” required to stay afloat in those waters. Our life feels like it’s slowly regaining some normalcy. Well, our new normal.

I’ve been out and about with both boys a good bit {solo}. For instance, two Saturdays ago, I took them to a birthday party and then to Chic-fil-a for dinner while Adam was hunting. And we made it. Granted, I was bone-tired afterward, but it was doable. I’ve also made it through a big trip to Kroger with both, though I haven’t done it often. {Side note: I was extremely thankful that I only had JW with me during my last Kroger trip. The debit/credit machine denied my card multiple times for “insufficient funds,” although there was plenty of money in our account. My old credit card had expired, my new one had not yet been activated, and I didn’t have a checkbook in my purse. So, yes, I had to wait at the front of the store for my husband to come meet me at Kroger and pay for my groceries. It wasn’t embarrassing at all.} All that to say, it’s nice to finally be getting to that point where I can go out and do things with both boys on my own. SONY DSC

John Wicks is still the sweetest little guy. Most of the time he’s easy going and relaxed. Oh, but when he’s mad he’ll let you know. And he can go from being happy as a daisy to fightin’ mad in a hot second. He has a piercing little scream that he uses when he really wants to get our attention. I’ve noticed that he gets most upset when he’s overtired and overstimulated. If I put him down in his crib for a nap before he reaches the point of exhaustion, then he can fall asleep on his own with no problem. If I wait too long, I have to go in and put the paci in a million times to try to get him to settle down and stop hollering. He enjoys his quiet time. He can handle lots of people for short periods of time, but then he wants some time to himself. He likes to lie on his playmat or in his crib, kicking, punching and sucking his hands. He’s found those hands and he’s obsessed with them.



John Wicks weighed in at 13 lb 15 oz {90th percentile} at his 2 month checkup {which, truth be told, ended up being 1 week shy of him turning 3 months}. He was 27 3/4 inches long. His big brother weighed the same amount at his 4 month checkup. Needless to say, JW likes to eat. And he’s got the rolls to show for it. And I’ve got the sleep deprivation to show for it. I kid, I kid. It’s not that bad. He’s going six to eight hour stretches at night, which I can’t complain about at all. He usually feeds around 8pm or so and then goes down for the night. I still give him a late-night feed before I go to sleep, usually around 11. He pretty much stays asleep while eating and then goes right back down. From then, he’ll sleep until 5 or 6 am, eat, and go back to sleep until 8:30 or 9. See? I can’t honestly call that sleep deprivation. It’s just that Luke was consistently sleeping solid 12 hour stretches (8 to 8) by three months, and its hard not to compare or ask myself what I’m doing differently this time. When I asked Adam that question, his nonchalant response was, He’s a man-child, Sarah.” So, there you have it. I guess that was his typical man-like way of saying the same thing my mom said: “He’s just a bigger, hungrier baby. He’ll sleep longer when he starts cereal.” In all honesty, though, I don’t mind it too much. Every stage goes so fast. It doesn’t hurt to hold on to one a little longer. He started sleeping in his big crib this month. Most nights, Adam and I sleep on the guest bed in the nursery because I’m too lazy to walk down the hall to feed him at 5:30 am.

SONY DSCSweet John Wicksie is still cooing and smiling at us like crazy. His head is getting so strong and he’s able to sit up in the boppy seat for short periods of time. When I prop him against a pillow, he always tries to pull his head forward off the pillow, like he’s trying to sit up straight.

Wearing one of Adam's baby outfits.
Wearing one of Adam’s baby outfits.

SONY DSC He loves to sleep in a moving vehicle but hates when we stop. He doesn’t love his carseat. Loves his bath! He takes a bottle of pumped milk about once a week, usually during our Sunday night Bible study classes, and he has done fine with it. He has been going to the church nursery since he was about 1.5 months {much earlier than Luke…2nd child}. SONY DSCSONY DSCWe are so thankful for our second little nugget and are excited to watch him continue to grow and change. I pray he will one day be a strong man of God, a warrior for Christ. I can’t wait to see more of the little boy he is and the man he will become.

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