2 years old

Luke Stevens Rice,

You are my absolute favorite 2 year old! AND one of the coolest kids I know. A year sure does make a big difference. You’ve changed so much in your second year of life—from a babe to a boy. 


As always, I feel happy and sad watching you grow. I’m so glad you’re thriving, but the  realization of how quickly our time with you as a little one is flying by makes my heart sting a little. This is such a sweet stage (have I said that about all of them so far?). I don’t want to forget it. 

You are talking ninety-to-nothing. You just about wear us out with all that talking, but we love it. You’re LOUD and exuberant in almost everything you do. You’re smart. You don’t miss a thing, and you have an excellent memory. You light up a room with that big, infectious smile.  

You love to say “OH YEAH!” and “OKAAAAAY!” and “ALRIGHT!” You are working on counting to ten, and you’ve almost got it. You say, “One, twoooooo . . .” Sometimes you think 4 comes after 9. 

The other day, we were shopping for some clothes. I pointed out a shirt with cars on it. You ran over to the clothing rack, grabbed the shirt and loudly proclaimed, “I’ll TAKE it!”

You still love your sleep and require a lot of it. You sleep 10-11 hours at night and take a good afternoon nap. You recently transitioned from your crib to your “big boy” twin bed, and you’ve done great. . . better than I expected. You screamed when I left you the first few nights, but you never got out. You stay in your bed and play (with a ridiculous amount of toys/books) until I come and get you in the mornings. You are a slow mover in the mornings and you enjoy your “wake-up” time in bed. This makes things easier for me when I have to nurse and tend to John Wicks in the mornings. Every morning, I ask you who you dreamed about. Every time you say something different. Sometimes it’s Doc or JJ. Sometimes Thomas the Tank Engine or Nemo.  When we transitioned from nursery to big boy room decor, you would run into your room and exclaim, “BIG BOY BED! BIG BOY CURTAINS!” 

Your favorite food is fruit. When asked what you would like to eat, you always, always say fruit. You would live off it if you could. You also love veggies, cheese, cereal, yogurt, black beans, brown rice, and chips. You’re daddy gives you sips of diet coke at restaurants when I’m not looking. You love it. You think all soft drinks are coke.  Sometimes you’re a great eater and other times you are more picky. Just depends on if you’re in a growth spurt, I think. 

The biggest thing we are trying to teach you right now is that you are a person under authority and that first-time obedience is required. We talk a lot about how failing to obey us is ultimately failing to obey God. You see, we are all persons under the authority of God. God exercises His authority over you through us right now. He has commanded children to obey their parents (Eph 6:1). We want you to understand that you have to obey, not just because we are bigger than you or because we “say so” but because our good and right God requires nothing less, and we desire to please and obey Him.

This is a hard lesson. You like to test the limits and see if we really mean what we say. Sometimes when I tell you to do (or not do something) you look at me with this clear look of mischief and rebellion in those sparkling blue eyes. You often try to get as close to the line as possible. But, by God’s grace, (and discipline) you are learning. Our greatest prayer is that through this training, you will learn that you will never be able meet God’s standard for perfect obedience on your own. BUT Jesus did. He is your greatest need. Our intention is to point you toward the Gospel and your need for Christ.


You are the sweetest big brother. When you see your brother, you exclaim, “JOHN WICKSIE!!!” and then you say, “LOVE!” You want me to hold him down so you can love him. When he’s on his playmat, you’ll crawl under there and just lay beside him. One day, you were “talking” on your play phone, and I saw you hold it up to JW’s ear so he could say “hellwo.” I can’t wait until the two of you can really play together. 


I’ve never seen someone so passionately in love with moving vehicles. You could take or leave other toys, but if it has wheels, you’ll play with it for hours on end. You were so excited about your birthday party. You kept saying, “CAR PARTY, TRUCK PARTY, TRAIN PARTY!” You’ve probably watched the movie “Cars” about 1000 times. 

Luker, you are such precious little boy. We love you more than words can say, and we pray that God blesses you with many more years of life. 

I’ll love you forever!


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