7:30– Woke up. Nursed a baby.

8:00– Peanut butter toast for a protein boost. Dishwasher unloaded. Short “play-time” with John Wicks.

8:30– Morning greetings and diaper change for Luke

9:00-John Wicks down for a nap. Breakfast for Luke. Breakfast clean up.

10:00– Craft attempt with Luke (painting). Less than 10 minutes. Paint all over him. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Luke. More 2nd birthday crafting for Mama.

10:30-Teeth brushed. Clothes and makeup throw on. Luke dressed. Luke disciplined for direct disobedience. “I sorry, Mama.” Grace and forgiveness. Thankful heart.

11:00– John Wicks up from nap. Nurse a baby. Change a baby.

11:45-Diaper bags/sippy cup/car keys/sunglasses and all other items necessary for leaving the house gathered.

12:15-Pick Adam up at the church and then downtown for lunch.

1:30-Drop Adam off and head home.

1:45– MAJOR RICE CHILDREN MELTDOWN. Poopy diaper/raw booty for Luke. Screaming bloody murder. Hungry tummy/hot carseat for John Wicks. Screaming bloody murder. Not enough hands for Mama.

2:00– Fresh diaper for Luke and then to the bed for nap. JW freed from his seat (which was in the air-conditioned house) and given fresh diaper. Back to Luke’s room for a quick nap time story: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

2:15– Nurse a baby.

2:45-Playtime for John Wicks. Laundry time for Mama. Fold and put away two loads.

3:30-John Wicks down for a nap. Headache. Nap for Mama on the guest bed. Bliss.

5:00-Call from Adam ends nap. Request for dinner since the Monday grocery trip has yet to happen.

5:30-Luke up from nap. Nurse a baby. Change a baby.

6:00-Adam home with dinner. Eat. Clean up.

7:00-Family exercise walk. Visit with three neighbor families. Run a lap, trying to get back in the groove. Visit from friends passing through the neighborhood in front of our house.

8:30-Nurse a baby. Change a baby. Dress Luke in pajamas after bath. Discipline Luke for throwing his firetruck (on purpose) and (accidently) hitting his brother.  Bedtime story with Luke: Go, Dog, Go! Prayer with Luke

9:30-Executive decision that grocery run will wait until Tuesday. John Wicks down for nap. More 2nd birthday crafting.

10:30-Straighten up kitchen and den. Change sheets on our bed.

10:45-Change a baby, nurse a baby, change a baby.


11:45-Edit a blog post for Adam.

12:00-Late-night blog post. . . like a crazy person. . . just so I can remember a typical day in the life. Realization that time in the Word, time with Him is my greatest necessity. My greatest source of strength. Why didn’t I make time?

Life is full. Life is exhausting. There is grace amidst the frenzy and failures. There is joy in the journey of the mundane. Life is good because God is good. Today and always.


One thought on “Today

  1. That is such a real day in the life of a mama! I am really impressed with everything you get accomplished! Beginning to think about how life with 2 little ones will change things around here ; ) Thanks for sharing the realness of your day. I too feel like time in the Word doesn’t always make it to the top of the list where I should have it.

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