The things he says

IMG_7677Mr. Boy has really started talking. Like overnight. And, y’all, he is a total parrot. If we say it, he repeats it. I never realized how much I say “Oh, gosh” until I heard Luke saying “Oh, gos. . .Oh, gos!” Luckily, he also loves to passionately exclaim, “OH GOODNESS!!!” especially after someone sneezes. And that’s a better option for an {almost} two year old. 🙂

I truly realized I need to watch what I say when John Wicks had a poop explosion all over his changing mat before I could get the new diaper on. Without thinking, I mumbled, “crap, crap, crap” under my breath, and I immediately heard Luke say, “cap, cap, cap” on the other side of the room. Yikes. Hope he doesn’t pull that one out in the church nursery.

He keeps us laughing with the things he says. He loves to point out colors. When asked what color Mama’s toes are, he proclaims, “HOT PINK!” He loves to label different vehicles and their colors: Ret Caaa (Red car), Bu paaane (blue plane), Back taaain (black train), Geeen tactooor (green tractor). Every syllable is drawn out and exaggerated. He’s a true southern boy.


Wull=Will {But he often just calls Will Uncle” for short}

When changing his clothes, he observes, “Wuke nakey!” (Luke naked)

I read him a book about God creating the world, animals, Adam and Eve, etc. There was a picture of Adam and Eve in the garden, and he said, “Nakey…Da-Da nakey!” Adam always means daddy to him.

His little mind is a sponge, and he doesn’t forget a thing. So, we’ve taken advantage of this and started trying to teach him a catechism by letting him fill in the blanks as part of his bedtime routine:

Luke, who is the first and best of all beings? GOT! (God)

Luke, the chief end of man is to glorify____GOT! (God) and enjoy him___Eva! (forever).

{We’ve only made it through those two, but it’s a start. The questions and answers get pretty deep and long, so we’ll have to adjust them down to his level.}

We still have some work to do, though. He pointed out a “coss” (cross) on the side of the methodist church as we drove by. So, I asked, “Luke, who died on the cross?” He thought a second and responded, “Day-Day!” (J-J). Ha. Not quite, buddy. 

He had his first experience riding PawPaw’s boat a few weekends ago, and he was NOT a fan of going fast and having the wind beat him. I asked him if he wanted to go out on the boat again or not, and he said, “NOT!!” Now, he’ll randomly walk around saying “PawPaw . . . Boat . . . NOT!

We’re getting ready to transition him to a big boy bed, so sometimes I’ll say, “Luke, are you ready to get a big boy bed?!?!” And he’ll respond, “Naaaw!” So, yay for us. This should be a fun transition. 😉

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