Life with 2

Several people have asked me how life is with twoRight now, life with two is busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day or enough hands to change diapers and pick up clothes and read stories. Sometimes they both need something at the same time, and what do I do? But I’ve almost made it a week without help (mom), so there is hope that I can really do this.

Now is that small window of time when both boys are sleeping, and I should be sleeping myself or at least folding the growing mountain of clean laundry on the guest bed. But it’s my only time to write, and if I don’t write I’ll forget. It amazes me how quickly I forget. I’ve been thankful that I recorded what was happening with Luke at this age so that I can go back and read for reference.

IMG_5206 Our little John Wicks is a sweet fella. He’s content a lot of the time. He endures his older brother rocking him violently in his swing, getting all up in his space to give “love,” and hitting “patting” him on the head. He loves his bath. If I make an effort to keep him awake for some periods during the day, he’ll sleep well at night between feedings and changes. He loves to be held and loves to be on his tummy (unlike big brother). IMG_5207 The biggest challenge right now is constant pooping and horrible diaper rash. We’re talking {approximately} 15 dirty diapers in a 24 hour period. It’s like it never stops, so the rash won’t heal. Bless him.  I know this is just part of it when nursing a newborn, but I don’t remember it being this constant with L, and he never had a diaper rash as a newborn. I spend a large portion of my day changing diapers and trying to treat this rash (cleaning it, drying it, applying special mixtures of diaper cream, etc) all while trying to keep JW from peeing all over everything during the long process that is a diaper change. Not gonna lie, the poop is about to wear me down. But my mantra remains, “this too shall pass.” And it will. IMG_5248Children bring about a constant swing of different feelings and emotions in a mama. There is excitement and thanksgiving over physical growth and development, yet sorrow over the swiftly moving seasons of infancy and childhood. There is joy because of an expanding vocabulary and increasing independence, yet sorrow over an obviously sinful defiance and selfish will (that we all have apart from Jesus). There is seemingly endless energy to press on, yet never ending exhaustion. There is a desire to meet everyone else’s needs, and a desire to sit down and be taken care of, even if just for a day. There are moments of feeling surrounded and moments of feeling so alone. IMG_5255 I recently read an article in which the author articulated this constant juxtaposition of emotions so beautifully: I am out of my mind and in my calling and desperate for five minutes alone and a lifetime together. 
IMG_5258This resonated with me. There are days (moments) when it’s hard, and I just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep. But there is nothing I’d rather do.

IMG_20130608_182214Mr. Boy keeps us laughing. He is talking and clearly communicating with us more each day. I’m amazed at all the words he is saying all of a sudden. He tries to say his brother’s name. Sometimes he says “Don Wi” (John Wicks) and other times “Wiiiitz” (Wicks). He is country as they come. After we say the blessing he shouts, “AMAIN” He is active and into everything, but he’s a sweet thing too. He still lets me rock and snuggle with him some nights, and he loves to rock and read. He loves his baby brother.

IMG_20130608_181857So, life with two is busy and exhausting, and sometimes I feel like I’m losing my sanity along with my sleep. At the same time, though, I’m overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving. I thank God for these little lives and feel so privileged to get to be with them day in and day out, caring for their needs and shepherding their little hearts. May God sustain me and give me grace to be faithful in this calling.

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