First Week Snapshots

Our first week home with little Wicks has been busy, busy! I haven’t been good about pulling out the “real” camera, but of course I’ve taken quite a few pictures on my phone to document our first days as a family of four.

L loves to “give love” to his little brother. It’s the sweetest thing, although, we’re trying to work on loving gently. He doesn’t quite realize that throwing his whole body on top of  a 7lb newborn is not a good idea. 😉


First night home. IMG_5020

Aunt “Nee-Nee” love.

Chillin’. . .IMG_5032Interested. . .


Bright-eyed boy.

IMG_5062Milk drunk.

IMG_5057First bath.


Porch sittin’ in pjs. IMG_5066

Holding baby brother with the ever present thumb-in-mouth.

IMG_5063Trying to learn how to rock “gently.”

IMG_5069Sweet lips. . . looking so much like big brother.

IMG_5079“Hey, there!”


Sweet love. IMG_5099We’re all thankful for JJ!
IMG_5102 Size perspective {all these pictures make JW look bigger than he really is}.IMG_5105 IMG_5118The work load is heavier with two, but overall the first week home has been relatively smooth. Nursing has been so much easier this time than it was in the beginning with L. Maybe because I’m more comfortable and confident. Maybe because JW is better at latching. Maybe both. John Wicks is eating well and peeing and pooping A LOT {he likes to spray everyone and everything in the middle of diaper changes}. He detests having his diaper changed. He’s been pretty peaceful during his baths, and he’s sleeping a lot. Each day I give thanks for his little life and pray for the strength and wisdom to care for my family well.

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