’round here. . .

Our days have been full but still slow enough for the occasional  daily afternoon nap.

This past weekend, we had visitors. Adam’s parents and brother’s family stayed with us for the first time. My mom and second mom, Donette, also stayed a (different) night with us. They were all able to worship at our new church and hear Adam preach an excellent message from Galatians 6. I so love when our families can be with us. It always proves to be chaotic and fun.

I’ve been so humbled by the service of others lately. A precious friend from church insisted that I let her come over and clean my house before baby JW arrives. Best. Gift. Ever. Another sweet couple has kept Luke for us during every OB appointment, and it has been such a huge help! In my pride, I don’t like to ask for/receive help. How good it is for me to humble myself, recognize my need for help, and allow members of the body of Christ to minister to me. I pray I would recognize the needs of others and do the same.

A dear friend from Louisville stopped by to visit on her way home from a trip. We grabbed dinner, the boys played, and we chatted. It was so good to catch up and just be real with one another—sharing struggles and joys and encouraging one another to press on in the walk of faith.

As I anticipate the arrival of John Wicks, my heart has been grieving with others who are walking through deep trials related to having children. It seems that so many young women I know are facing infertility or have faced miscarriage or the death of a child. It’s rampant, and it’s such a reminder that “pain in childbearing” takes many different forms. It’s also a reminder that this world is not as it should be, and it causes my heart to plea for creation to be made new and right. I am weeping with those who weep and praying for grace to cling to Christ in the pain and hurt. May I have the grace to handle the trials I will face in that way as well…

Mr. Boy’s little mind is like a sponge! He is learning new things, and though he says many words imperfectly, his vocabulary is expanding daily. He loves to identify different vehicles {car, train, bus, truck} when we’re on the road. He gets so excited when he finds the moon…points and says,”MOON, MOON, MOON!” He enjoys coloring but likes to identify the different colored crayons even more. He loves for me to label things. LOVES playing outside and loves animals {our neighbor’s cat is a big hit}. Unfortunately, he’s also loving to whine these days. We’re trying to work on communicating with words/pointing rather than whining and fussing. Lately, he has wanted me to rock him for a few minutes before bed each night. It makes my heart happy when he puts his little arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder, even if just for a few minutes. I love hearing his soft little voice say, “Mama.” It’s like he senses change coming…

We’re loving getting to know our neighbors! We haven’t met everyone in the neighborhood yet, but both families in the houses directly next to ours are so sweet and friendly. There are lots of young couples and families in this subdivision, and I think it will be such a fun place for our boys to grow up!

Summertime is officially here! Bring on the heat and the pool and the new baby boy.

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