20 months

Sweet Luke,

It’s hard for me to believe you’re only 4 months away from turning 2 years old. I feel like you were just born. They said it would go fast. . .

You are changing from a baby to a little boy before our eyes. Almost daily, your daddy and I talk about how big you’re getting and how much joy you bring to our lives. You require a lot of us, but the blessings far outweigh the sacrifices. 

You are so full of life. You love to run and march like a “little solider.” You babble constantly saying, “Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Doc, Day-Da (JJ), hot, yay!, yah” and lots of other random little boy sounds. You love telling us what the tiger, sheep, monkey, and snake say. Your favorite sound is your car/truck sound. You can roll your tongue forever. I’ve never seen a child so obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains. 

You love to imitate things we do {Yikes!}. If I brush your hair or clip your nails, you will take the brush/clippers and try to do it yourself when I’m done. You can identify most body parts when asked {i.e. Luke, where’s your nose?}. You detest having your teeth brushed, and it’s a battle every night. You can identify a lot of shapes in your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. You LOVE to do your “funny face” for almost anyone. Such a little ham!

IMG_4385You’re a mama’s dream eater…not too picky {most days}. You prefer broccoli over french fries and fruit over cookies. You LOVE ketchup, and that’s the key to getting you to eat meat. You’re starting to feed yourself with a spoon and you’re so proud when you do it yourself.

Bless your heart, you’ve done so well with all the transition our family has been through lately. You’ll sleep anywhere {not for long in the car}, and I’m so thankful that you love your naps/sleep. You go to sleep on your own without fighting it. You’ve spent time in a lot of different houses lately, and you’ve been a little trooper! 

You are very good for other people who keep you {so I’m told}, but you try to test the boundaries a bit with mom and dad. We’re trying to teach you first-time obedience. It’s clearly a hard thing to learn.

Our prayer is that God will grant you a new heart and put a new Spirit within you at a very early age. I pray that you will know and love Jesus and that your life will bring Him glory. He has already been so gracious to you, though! You have  a sweet, loving nature. You are tender with animals {and stuffed animals}.You are affectionate with us and others. You absolutely ADORE your Doc and JJ. I think the birth of your brother will be an adjustment for you, but I’m praying you will soon adore him as well. IMG_4391IMG_4404I’m so thankful for you, little one. Your life is a constant reminder of God’s kindness to us. 


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