Somewhat Settled

I think moving almost killed me, but we’re finally feeling {somewhat} settled. Minus the garage, we’re out of boxes. My sweet parents kept L in Jackson for a few days so we could unpack with some amount of productivity. {Well, as much productivity as one can have while carrying a small watermelon}. Then, mom brought L back and stayed a few days. She helped me make the house start to feel like a home with her “decorator’s touch.” There is still some work to be done, but we are settled in for the most part. Now, if I can just get newborn clothes washed and a double stroller ordered before little John Wicks arrives…

We’re enjoying our new home and are so thankful for the Lord’s provision of it. My prayer is that we will always use our home for His glory and His purposes as we seek to minister Christ to the people of this sweet community.

It’s certainly nice to have a little more space and to be able to use some things we’ve had tucked away storage. The buffet in the picture below was inherited from my mom’s parents. We have several heirloom pieces from grandparents throughout the house. They are precious reminders of our godly, loving heritage…

Here are just a view snapshots of progress…

IMG_4431Mr. Boy is enjoying his new abode as well! {Especially his new tub :)}IMG_4457

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