A New Season

tumblr_m3atgtL9J31qcfw2po1_1280Why is it so difficult to embrace where God has us currently? It seems that we’re constantly looking forward to the next big thing. They say hindsight is 20/20. All too often, it’s only in looking back that we see just how precious the last season really was.

There have been times during our seminary journey {usually the challenging times :)}, when I wished for the next season. Although it wasn’t constant, there were certainly moments of longing for freedom from the tyranny of assignment deadlines or wishing for a different, less stressful job for Adam {being paid straight commission comes with many ups and downs}. There have been days of looking ahead and being so ready for the opportunity to really dive into full-time vocational ministry and do what we feel God has truly called us to do in this life. {Although we are not so naive as to believe that ministry will be challenge free…I’m sure our greatest challenges lie ahead!}

While it seems surreal, the time for our “next season” has actually arrived.

Adam has been called as the new Minister of Education at First Baptist Church in Hartselle, AL. Honestly, we couldn’t be more thankful and excited about this opportunity. Hartselle is a charming little town in North Alabama, and FBC seems to be full of many precious people who take their faith walk seriously and are anxious to grow in conformity to Christ. We have been humbled and truly blessed by the outpouring of love that we have already received from this fellowship of believers, and we cannot wait to pour our hearts and lives into loving and ministering to them as well.

We also feel so confident that it is God Himself who has led us to this particular place and this particular ministry. This was not a position that we actively pursued or were even aware of from the beginning. The process of how FBC received Adam’s resume’ {among others} and then felt led to pursue him for this ministry position is really sort of hard to believe. It is confirmation to us that it has been God’s hand directing and guiding both the church and us to this place. Our faith has certainly been built through this process of God’s calling.

We also feel that God has prepared and gifted Adam for this type of ministry. As the Minister of Education, he will administrate and provide oversight for many of the different church ministries. He will serve the staff and church leaders in an effort to help unify the body and connect each ministry to the overall ministry vision of the church. While he will have lots of responsibilities, his job certainly will not be boring! He’ll get to have his hands in a lot of different things, and if you know Adam, you know he will thrive in that type of job. Ultimately, Adam sees his role as that of an “equipper.” His primary role of service will be to help adequately equip the the members of the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. We are all called to minister. Pastors and shepherds are called to equip others for more faithful ministry for Christ’s Kingdom.

So, while we are so excited for what lies ahead, I can’t help but reflect on the season that is coming to a close with a hint of nostalgia. Despite those times of challenge, the last four years have been such a sweet time for us. Adam and I started our marriage together here. We decorated our first little Christmas tree together here. We’ve built life-long friendships here. We’ve been blessed through trial, and our faith has grown here. Our theology and the way we think has been shaped here. We’ve seen God provide for our needs in amazing and unexpected ways here. We’ve spent our first Thanksgiving together here {while hosting 9 other family members in our teeny-tiny apartment}! We brought our first baby home to that very same apartment here. And, as if this isn’t enough, we’ve eaten some mighty fine food here, in this place, for the last 4 years.

I’ve jokingly told Christy that it’s going to be so hard to leave Louisville because I’ll be leaving best friends and Chuy’s. I joke. Well, sort of. But not really. So many of our fondest memories with people have been made over food. Late night runs with friends to Graeter’s {in the before children days}, Sunday nights with friends at Chuy’s, breakfast at Wild Eggs when family comes to town, lunches with friends after church and BSF. So many memories. They flood my mind and make me smile.

As I look both ahead and behind, my heart is full. I give praise to the One from whom all good gifts flow from above. . . the One with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. He is truly faithful, and He has been kind to us.

Ice storm during our first week in Lou.
Ice storm during our first week in Lou.
Louisville Bats game with my best girls...early days.
Louisville Bats game with my best girls…early days.
Chuy's with friends and babes.
Chuy’s with friends and babes.
Bringing Mr. Boy home.
Bringing Mr. Boy home.
Friends with growing families.
Friends with growing families.
Growing our family.
Growing our family.

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