Christmas in Pictures

We made a very quick trip to Alabama for Christmas this year, but I wanted to document with just a few pictures.

Santa loot…

SONY DSC Coming in to check out the loot. SONY DSCReady to cruise.
SONY DSCChuck the truck.

SONY DSC DSC05197Someone has changed a lot since last Christmas. Tears . . .
SONY DSCNew pajamas. Jenny looks like a model when she wakes up in the morning. It’s a tad sickening. 🙂

photo (2) Probably the best piece of meat I’ve had. EVER. Props to Big Norm. photo (3)

Always excited about new books. SONY DSC Sweet Christmas cousins. SONY DSCSadly, I neglected to get many pictures with family during our Christmas trip, but here’s a family Christmas card attempt taken around Thanksgiving. Oh, how I love these people!

DSC05062Hoping everyone had a happy Christmas!

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