2012 . . .

The year we survived mice infestation.

The year Adam’s Papa went home to meet Jesus.

The year Adam’s brother completed his Ph.D and became “Dr. Bo.”

The year our precious Granddaddy went home to meet Jesus.

The year Adam survived hand, foot and mouth disease.

The year Mr. Boy turned 1.

The year we found out blessing #2 was on the way.

The year I completed 5 classes toward my master’s degree while taking care of one babe and growing another. Mercy.

The year of more gray hairs and gloss to cover them.

The year Jenny got accepted to medical school.

The year Adam graduated from Southern with his M.Div.

The year of God’s continued faithfulness in so many unexpected and beautiful ways.


May I never forget God’s abundant blessings and grace for the challenges of 2012.

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