Halloween and Thankfulness

I’m finally getting around to posting a few pictures from Halloween. However, there’s virtually nothing to share about the night since the only thing we did was dress Mr. Boy up and take a few pictures. Why trick-or-treat in the cold when you don’t have to yet?

{I feel like my hair has somewhat of a purple-ish red tint in these photos. I’m hoping it’s just the instagram filter because…yikes!}

We did drive over to our church where they were passing out hot chocolate to trick-or-treaters. But we stayed a total of about ten minutes because they had plenty of help and, like I said, the air was frigid.

The little tiger still hasn’t ventured out and taken any steps on his own. Conservative little fella he is. Not willing to take any chances. Why would he when he can crawl at 90 mph?

As long as he’s walking by the time dos arrives, I’m good. I think he made a cute little tiger, if I do say so myself.

Since there is nothing eventful to share about Halloween, I thought I would share some “thankfuls” that I’ve had on my heart today.

I love the “thanksgivings that people are sharing on Facebook each day. Such a good exercise in cultivating thankful hearts, especially in a culture where we tend to focus a lot more on what we want than on what we have. I’m guilty.

So here are my “thankfuls” for today, that I may dwell on the kindness of the Lord in the big and the small. . .

1. 2 hours of complete ALONE time. Adam was sweet to take Mr. Boy out tonight so that I could get some things done. And it’s truly amazing what you can get done with 2 hours of undistracted time. The upstairs of our house no longer looks like a war zone.

2. Not one but TWO rich and fruitful conversations today. One with a dear college friend who encouraged me so by sharing ways that she has been following after Christ and walking by faith in the midst of some deep suffering. She’s the real deal. It blessed my heart. And another conversation about adoption and parenting issues with a friend that I just love doing life with right now. What a gift to have friends in the same place in life.  And so MANY friends who are passionate about adoption and orphan care.

3. ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL THANKSGIVING VACATION STARTS FOR ME. This is huge. Huge. Only one major research paper left, and I am done with this crazy, busy, work-intensive semester. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful.

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