Pregnancy. It’s funny like that.

Well, the word is out that nugget #2 is on the way!

In one way, pregnancy has been been different this go ’round. Twice the exhaustion. Or maybe I just don’t remember it with the first.

I’ve been neglecting blog-writing and reading more than I would like. I need to record Halloween, first hair-cut, etc. But nap time has overtaken blog time. And everything else time. There are days when I put Mr. Boy in his crib and literally collapse into bed until he wakes up. My house is in a constant state of CHAOS {can’t-have-anyone-over-syndrome} because my cleaning-up just can’t compete with Mr. Boy’s messing-up.

Other than that, the pregnancy has been EXACTLY the same. Same constant {but manageable}nausea. Same cravings.

There were tell-tale signs that I was preggo long before I found out.

Like the intense cheese cravings. One night, I got out of bed and ventured down for a midnight snack, which is unusual in itself. I returned to bed with a bowl of pasta covered in feta cheese. Adam was like, “What is that?!? It reeks!” My sister aptly reminded me that in my early weeks of pregnancy with Mr. Boy, I ate feta cheese right out of the carton.

You’re thinking, “no wonder you’re nauseous,” right? It gets worse.

Hot dogs. I never eat them. But during the first trimester, I CRAVE them. It’s weird, but the things that seem good to me {foods I think I can actually stomach} right now are things I care nothing about when I’m not preggo. Basically, UNHEALTHY JUNK. I recently sent my dad a text asking if I could give myself gestational diabetes from eating so unhealthy. Thankfully, he said I was a long way from that. He just encouraged fruits and veggies in addition to the hot dogs and Eggo waffles and gallons of Sprite. And I’m still doing that for the most part. Here’s the end of our text convo. If you know my dad, you’ll get a laugh. . .

Then there was that day that I got teary-eyed in the Kroger parking lot while listening to the country song If I Could have a Beer with Jesus.

Have. mercy.

At this point, I was hoping it was whacko pregnancy hormones because that is just not my normal. I don’t cry easily in songs or movies, especially ones about drinking beer with Jesus. But when he got to that line where he asks, “How’d you turn the other cheek to save a sorry soul like me? tears literally fell from my eyes. And maybe it’s not all that crazy to cry about after all. Because I often ask Jesus the same question. Amazing, unconditional, undeserved love like that is hard to understand. And it should probably draw out emotion more easily than it normally does. 

So, pregnancy. It’s funny sometimes. It’s exhausting sometimes. It’s hard. There will be pain in childbearing from the day my babies are conceived until the day I leave this earth. That’s the curse of sin. But in spite of judgment, there’s so much grace and goodness.

It seems that we picked the craziest season of our lives and said, “let’s make it even crazier and throw in another baby!” But the truth is, we didn’t pick this season or this baby {although it wasn’t a total surprise}. God did. And we know that this is God’s best for us. And it’s God’s gift to us.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward….     Psalm 127:3

Thank you, Lord, for a precious gift. Again.

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