Grace upon Grace

Well, hi there. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Maybe because it has. 

We’ve been really busy. Not good busy. Crazy busy. Miserable busy. Too much on our plates busy. But it’s just a short season. And we’re learning and growing and, prayerfully, becoming more like Christ.

Learning to really live for God’s glory rather than our own. Learning to trust His detours from our carefully laid plans. Learning to accept and rejoice in those detours because HE is God and we are not. Learning to find joy and satisfaction in Christ regardless of what our circumstances look like. Learning to give thanks in all things. Because each day is filled with grace upon grace. Crisp air and bright color. A healthy, growing little boy. A faithful, hard-working husband. Good food, deep friendships, lots of love. I could go on. There are so many reasons to give thanks. But even if He chose to  give us no more good, earthly gifts, we would have reason to give thanks because we know the good and faithful Giver of the best gift. The one who saved us from our sin and our selves so that we could live for something so much better. The one who keeps us in our faith and makes us more like Jesus, that one day we may share in His glory. And that is enough.

Grace upon Grace. 

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