Why Care?

My friend Anna Kate {more like my little sister actually} messaged me recently to tell me about something BIG she’s been working on. AK is a Hunger Studies student at Auburn, and she and three other students recently founded an international campaign called Why Care? to raise awareness about world hunger. Here’s a little blurb from their website:

Why Care? is an international campaign initiated by a group of students to spark a global conversation about hunger. They began by asking themselves and their peers, “Why should we care about hunger?” This question challenged them to come up with a viable, yet personal, reason to care and to become invested in finding solutions to this global challenge. It might seem like a small act, but solving hunger begins with people like you and me coming together to say: we care.

When AK asked if our little family would be a part of this campaign, I was immediately willing. I have to admit, though, it took me a few days to think through why I actually care about hunger.

Honestly, I was forced to ask myself, “Do you care?”

Through this process, I realized how rarely I even think about hunger and hungry people . . .

Like when I’m scraping excess food off L’s highchair tray into the trash can. . . not thinking about hunger.

Or when I’m stuffing my face with an endless supply of chips and creamy jalapeno dip at Chuy’s . . . not thinking about hunger.

Or when I’m cleaning out the fridge and throwing away food that has gone bad before we can eat it . . . not thinking about hunger.

All of that is pretty sickening when I consider the fact that 925 million people in our world don’t have enough to eat. Abundance is blinding.

So, why should we {as believers} care about hunger?

We should care about hunger because Christ had compassion on the hungry {Mark 8:2}

We should care about hunger because God commands His people to care for the poor. The church is the answer to the hunger crisis {Luke 12:33-34}.

We should care about hunger because caring for the poor and hungry brings honor to God {Proverbs 14:31}, and our goal in life is to please Him {2 Cor 5:9}.

Ultimately, we should care about hunger because God’s story is so much bigger than our individual stories. He calls us to think bigger than ourselves. He calls His people to feed the physically an spiritually hungry of this world {Matthew 28:19-20}.

Obedience begins with awareness. Be a part of this campaign and write down why you care about world hunger. You can tweet your picture to @WhyCare_ or post it to the Why Care? Facebook page.

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