I realize that everyone has probably already seen the first birthday pics on Facebook, but for the sake of documentation, I’m doing a party post anyway. . .Because this birthday decor was a significant time investment on Mama’s part, and it needs to be remembered.

AND of course we want to remember Mr. Boy’s big day.

He woke up Saturday morning to the BEST birthday surprise ever—-his Doc-Doc and J-J downstairs in the living room. When he saw them, I could tell he remembered them.  We had a fun weekend together and spent most of Sunday getting things ready for the birthday boy’s party. I was so, so thankful to have mom and dad here. They helped me so much, and nothing makes my heart smile like watching them love on and enjoy my baby.
We had a small little party with close friends on Sunday evening.

Adam grilled his super delish wings, and we had Texas caviar, rotel, lemonade and tea.

Poor Mr. Boy has had a cold and wasn’t quite himself.

{I’m not sure what was going on with me and the goofy smile. And no, we didn’t intentionally dress like it was the 4th of July.}

But Tylenol kicked in, and he was a new child. He LOVED his push motorcycle from Doc and J.

Family shot…A tad blurry, but I love…

As always, we were so thankful to have sweet friends there. August is a big month in Rice land, and they’ve been celebratin’ it up with us.

Mr. Boy wasn’t so sure about his cake at first, and he also wasn’t a fan of the birthday hat…

But since I took the time to make it, I was determined to try to get him to wear it for a few pictures….until he FLIPPED OUT.

{just a little}

Then, somehow we distracted him and snuck it on his little head. And he decided his cake wasn’t half bad either.

Oh. my. gosh. that. cake. It was mighty fine. It came from our favorite bakery here in town, and they did not disappoint.  I have a little sugar problem, and having leftover cake in my fridge calling my name was almost too much. Which is why Adam and I had to polish it off really quickly. You know, get it out of there. 🙂After Mr. Boy had his cake, we took the party inside. Doc and J gave him his bath and then all the adults had cake and ice cream while the kids played.

{This boy has his Doc WRAPPED around his little finger.}

It was a really fun and special day celebrating our boy.

{And now I promise I’m done with the first birthday posts. Because I know we’re all birthday-ed out. And believe it or not, we do have other things going on! :)}

3 thoughts on “Partay

  1. Really sweet post, Sarah! I love the decorations you made – so very beautiful and fun and … Pinterest! =) Love keeping up with you and your sweet family this way! Luke is precious!

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