My man turned 28 today. I’m so grateful that God has given him 28 years and that I’ve gotten to share in 10 of those years. How blessed I am to call him mine!

We’ve had a fun day full of celebration, but the highlight was dinner at Rocky’s with friends. Rocky’s has really good pizza, but the main draw is the location. It’s positioned right on the edge of the Ohio River, and the view of the city skyline is gorgeous.

We lived on the wild side and stayed out until 9:30. Our friend Chris said, “You know all your friends have young kids when everyone is looking at their watches like Whoa, now, it’s 8:30!”

But you only live once.

It’s true that we don’t get together as much now that most of us have started families, but it always blesses my heart to be with these precious friends. They’ve been our core group through seminary. We probably would have chatted until the wee hours of the morning if the kids hadn’t been getting delirious.

Enjoy the abundant photo coverage of the evening.

{I’m warning you, there are an obnoxious amount of pictures.}

Princess Maeleigh is so beautiful. And so peaceful. . .unlike a certain Mr. Boy I know.  🙂

Pointing is his new thing. . .

A true friend. They go way back.

Can’t express to you how much I love. this. girl. We’ll be friends until the end of time.

Sweet pic of the Lovett fam + Ben {sorry, BT. Didn’t mean to blur you out!}

This pic is so them. . .Best girls.

Lovin’ Aunt D.

His smile is infectious. . .

See? Like I said, really into pointing. {It’s YOU with that camera again, Mom}.

Happy little family. We couldn’t be more blessed. {I realize we need to work on table manners. . . like elbows feet off the table}.

His favorite . . . plain ole’ birthday cake. I would love to take credit for the beautiful icing penmanship and excellent distribution of star-shaped sprinkles; however, that, my friends, is a $16 Kroger cake. A very good $16 Kroger cake, if you ask me.

By this point in the evening we had resorted to using a little modern technology to help us get through the meal. I think he did pretty good considering the fact that we confined him to the highchair for 2+ hours.
The view. . .

Admiring the view. . .

Chris + Adam

Had to get a best girls shot with SM.

The guy we asked to take a group shot just happened to be a real photographer. And the Belle of Louisville just happened to be floating along the river in the background. And all 3 children just happened to look in the direction of the camera at the same time. It’s a true miracle that we got such a successful group shot.

But I’m glad we did. Because who knows how many more opportunities we’ll have before everyone starts moving off and spreading out. Some of our dearest friends have already left, in fact. I really do cherish these times together.

So, happy birthday, Adam! We had a wonderful night celebrating you!


One thought on “28

  1. Loved that I could share your joy in this moment! Can’t wait to be with Su next week on 28th Ave Extension, where we grew up, snuck out, slept in and decoupaged. What a fitting end to the memories — together again. Friends are a precious gift from God!

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