11 Months

Mr. Boy’s 11 month mark has come and gone. This one snuck up on me. L and I were in Alabama and Mississippi for two weeks, and we covered a lot of ground. We were able to see lots of family and friends, and it was so good for the soul to visit with people I don’t see enough. Life has been crazy, though, as I have been buried in reading and research and writing for school in the midst of all these travels. There are a million things I’d love to post about—things we’ve done, things I’m learning, ways I’m growing. But for now, here are a few things to remember about Mr. Boy at month 11. .

{Haven’t had a chance to do his monthly rocking chair pics, so here are a few I snapped at my parents’ house. L cooperates for the camera when I least expect it}

*The boy can put away food like nobody’s business. Eating lots of finger foods. Absolutely LOVES any and every type of fruit. Goes bizerk over strawberry frozen yogurt. Also enjoys cheese toast, pasta, oatmeal, roasted squash and zucchini, and green beans. He’s warming up to deli meat and cheese. Drinking water with a hint of apple juice from the sippy cup. He’s even tried a few little sips of cow’s milk from the cup. Not a fan, yet. Nursing 3 times a day. Very verbal while he eats. Frantically waves his hands up and down (directing the choir) when he likes what he’s eating or sees something he wants.

*Crawling everywhere and crawling fast. Very agile. If I turn my head for one second, he’s gone. Pulling up on furniture and in the crib. Loves crawling over little obstacles {like a small stool or a person’s legs} over and over and over. Crawled up an entire flight of stairs at Nonnie and PawPaw’s house {with close supervision of course}. Not showing any interest in walking yet.

 *Very verbal and loud. Babbles and makes more random sounds than consonant sounds. Says “da-da” and “na-na” often. Says “dye-dye” (for bye bye) only when he feels like it. Has said “ma-ma” only one time and “day-day” (JJ) one time.

*Learned how to give a high five and throw a ball this month.
*The only “toys” he really pays attention to for any extended period of time are balls and board books. He could play with his orange bouncy ball for hours. Loves to hold it over his head, throw it, and then crawl after it. Also loves to flip through his books, looking at the pictures and talking to the characters. Favorite books are Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon, Little Bear, No, No Noah and a first word’s book that makes sounds.

*Also love playing with some non-toy items. His favorites are plastic cups {particularly red solo cups}, plastic bottles, tupperware, and keys. My tupperware cabinet is a favorite play place.

*Current nickname {by JJ} is Bamm Bamm. . .he’s a wild man for sure! Loves to throw things {his sippy cup and toys} and empty items from a basket or cabinet. He pulled every piece of clean laundry from a laundry basket and threw it on the floor the other day. Definitely understands the meaning of “no” and does not like to be told “no-no.” May have a bit of a strong will! Eek!

{a little blurry but this is the sort of thing he’s doing daily . . . no fear}

*Total ham {and flirt}! LOVES attention and knows how to get it. Has the funniest little “Woody Woodpecker” laugh. Will look up at total strangers and do that laugh to get their attention or to try to get them to laugh back. If Adam and I are laughing about something, he will join in with his little laugh. It’s pretty hysterical, and I have got to remember to post a video!

*Gets comments/ compliments on his blue eyes literally everywhere we go. Someone at my home church in Alabama told me she thought I computer- enhanced his eyes in pictures until she saw them in person. Oh, those eyes. . . they sparkle and dance with mischief!

*Been showing some separation anxiety lately. Does absolutely fine staying with other people until he sees me. Tends to be more clingy and fussy when I’m around {especially if he’s tired}. Hoping this is just a phase.
*Definitely a mama’s boy. And I’m not just saying that. Gives me big slobbery kisses {if you could call them that} on the cheek.

*Such a great sleeper. Actually wants to be put in his crib when he’s tired. Falls asleep on his own. Slept and napped in multiple places while we traveled and did great. I’m not going to know what to do if the next one doesn’t sleep. I’m completely spoiled.

Lukie Bear, you are such a gift and such a joy. I’m thankful for every day I have with you. I pray for wisdom to love and parent you well. You are precious to me! Happy 11 months!

One thought on “11 Months

  1. Sarah and Adam, I love reading about this boy. Reminds me of my own. I have a soft spot for little boys who are “all boy”. What a blessing. Does he like cereal like his grandfather and Uncle Will?

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