A few things . . .

I have the most random list of things to discuss.

1. I’ve decided I want to have my blog printed off into some sort of book. So, you know, I’ll basically have a journal/photo album/ scrapbook of sorts without having to do all the tedious and time-consuming work of printing and cutting out pictures and paper with cute little edges, etc., etc. {like my sweet Mama did for me}. I was thinking, if it’s affordable, it might be a good thing to do each Christmas.  My friend Christy has done a little research on where to have blog books printed, but if anyone has ever done it and had a good experience, please share! I’d love the input.

2. Anyway, all that to say, I’ve been flipping through pictures and want to add a few that I neglected to post on the blog.

This one was taken when our kitchen was all disheveled because we were refinishing the table. Classic Mr. Boy face, thumb in mouth. I guess at this point he was capable of waiting patiently on his breakfast. No longer.

A few weeks before Mother’s Day, I got this brilliant idea that it would be cute to make my mom something with L’s handprints. Then, in another moment of brilliance,  I decided to attempt this project with Mr. Boy on my own, while Adam was at work. After about 6 tries and a meltdown {from him, although I almost had one myself}, we finally got some semblance of a few handprints on paper. And then Mr. Boy went straight to the tub. The craft actually turned out pretty cute. Wish I’d thought to get a picture.

3. Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’m reminded that I neglected to even mention Adam’s first Father’s Day. It occurred right in the middle of all our craziness. We only snapped one quick picture.

{FYI: Adam was already sick when this picture was taken. We just didn’t realize it yet. It’s pretty amazing to me that Luke hasn’t gotten it! Praise the good Lord!}

I am so thankful for the way Adam loves and parents Mr. Boy. I look forward to watching him shepherd L spiritually. He’s such a wonderful dad, and I need him so much in this enormous {but precious} task of raising a little boy!

Also, I’m so thankful for my own dad! He’s such a family man and such a great dad. He’s provided for me, comforted me, preached truth to me, taught me theology, made me laugh, and loved me so well through the years. Dad has always been there for us even in the midst of trying to balance a very busy medical career and numerous other responsibilities. We’re so blessed.

4. Here is an article I’m loving! I think we all need constant reminders that, as believers, our identity is found in Christ. Not career success. Not motherhood. Not relationships. Not beauty. Christ. And Christ alone.

5. I think I had some other randomness on my list of things to discuss, but my brain and body feel fried after a major grocery store trip with Mr. Boy in the 104 degree heat. I may have sweated off about 5 pounds just trying to get the groceries and bebe from the car to the house. Good grief. I will not be complaining when fall arrives. In good news, my mom is on her way to the ‘Ville for the week. She and Mr. Boy are going to have some good quality time while I attempt to knock out another class. I’ll miss being away from my boy, but it will be fun to have her here!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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