10 Months

I have mixed emotions regarding the rapidly approaching first birthday. That said, I do not have mixed emotions regarding the ending of the monthly photo shoots in the rocking chair. The fact that we only have two left brings me only joy. What seemed like such a cute idea when I had a fragile little one-month-old propped gingerly against the pillow, has become a nightmare now that I have wiggling 10-month- old who refuses to sit still for even one teeny, tiny second.

Things started out ok. He had his super cool little silver flashlight to play with.

But there was too much exposure, and it took me a second to play with my camera and try to get the lighting right.

The flashlight got old. Fast. All he wanted to do was wiggle his way right out of that confining chair.

So, I sat him back up for more pictures. . . and he got a bit ticked. . .

Then, he just entered total meltdown mode.

And that was the end of the 10 month photo shoot :).

Despite the occasional meltdown or two, this is such a fun age!

{Do I say that every month? Probably.}

A few things to remember:

-Constantly babbling! Saying, “da-da, nana, dye-dye {bye-bye}” and lots of other talking sounds that I can’t really describe.

-Waving bye-bye {but only when it’s his idea}.

-Crawling at increased speeds. Loves to be chased as he scoots away as fast as possible. Tries to crawl away in the middle of every diaper change, but it’s hard to be too frustrated watching that cute little naked booty scurry away.

-Pulling up to his feet in the crib, at the coffee table, and anywhere else he can.

– The boy can put away some food! Eating baby food and finger foods. A few favorites are bananas, grapes, blueberries, peas, cheerios and any type of bread. He’s not so keen on green beans or deli turkey/chicken.

-Still nursing {usually} 4 times a day. We’ve made zero progress with weaning. With all the craziness lately, I think he really wants that security. Did great with the sippy cup for a while, but now he’s acting very uninterested again.

-Sleeping all night. Two naps a day.

-12 month clothes.

-No more teeth.

-Met a new friend this month. We are so thankful that Maeleigh Ann Tarver is finally home with Ben and Christy! We have prayed for her for so long.

Her mama sure is laid back to let Mr. Boy get so close! Keep in mind, this was before disease struck our home.

-Mr. Boy went on his fourth and fifth flights {to and from CO}. On the way home, he even had his own seat. He did much better with his own space.

-He enjoyed some good cousin time.

Cousins minus Bricen and Ali.

Happy 10 months, Baby Boy! You bring us SO much joy!



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