Colorado Vaca {part 1}

So, we’re in Colorado. The weather is not too hot and not too cool. The scenery is unreal. We’re out and about, breathing fresh air in wide open spaces. It’s pretty fabulous.

I’ll admit, vacation is a tad less relaxing with a little one along. Honestly, though, he’s been such a trooper. We’ve dragged him everywhere and kept him up WAY past his normal bedtime every night, but he’s hanging in there and enjoying the ride! He did well on both flights out here. We entertained him with books, videos on the ipad, and lots of snacks. I may have had to change a dirty diaper on the airplane, and L may have had a MAJOR vomiting episode the minute we got into the rental car {too many snacks?}, but other than that, travel day was relatively smooth. No big deal that we carried our baby into the hotel in nothing but his diaper and then had to completely wash puke out of the car-seat liner in the sink. Oh, parenthood…

On Thursday, we hiked 4 miles up Pike’s Peak. It was pretty steep, and I’m not sure how Adam did it with almost 20 extra pounds on his back. Adam and Jen jogged the 4 miles back down, so I carried Mr. Boy down. He enjoyed a nice little nap, and my back was on fire by the end.

Afterward, we enjoyed lunch at this quaint little bistro in Manitou Springs.We also visited Garden of the Gods on Thursday, and we’ve had a pretty full day today. But pictures will have to wait because I’m exhausted. And now I rest.

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