This happy boy slept 14 hours last night. And he took a 3 hour nap today {yes, all of a sudden he’s decided that he likes taking naps. What do you know?}. Is it really possible for a baby to need that much sleep? Not that I’m complaining…

And yesterday, he tried zucchini. He was eating it pretty well until I made the mistake of giving him a bite of fruit. Zucchini time was done.

You don’t want to know how many mice my man caught with his traps. I wish I didn’t know.  OPC is coming back tomorrow, even though I’m hoping we’ve already taken care of them. We’ve discovered that others in our building are having this same {continuing} problem. This did not make me happy. Not. one. bit.

And honestly, I’ve had a pretty rotten attitude about the whole situation. Last night, I was dramatically whining and complaining to my mom in my best poor-pitiful-me voice, “AHHH, We should have never moved. We should have stayed in our old place. Even though it was teeny tiny, at least we didn’t have disgusting rodents invading our life. We were better off there.

She expressed her deepest sympathy and encouraged me to talk the landlord and OPC repeatedly until the problem is taken care of. But then she graciously pointed out that I sounded a little bit like the complaining Israelites during their wilderness wanderings: “Why did God bring us out here to die? Even though we were in bondage, we would have been better off just staying in Egypt….” {paraphrase}

Ungrateful hearts…All of us. Failure to trust God, to believe God, to cling to God…all of us. Refusal to acknowledge and praise God for his abundant blessings during times when things become unpleasant…all of us.

It’s amazing how God uses the little things–things as small as mice–to reveal the condition of our hearts. God was kind to bless us with a bigger space. Yet, all I could do was complain and wish for something different. Something better.

God uses even disgusting, pesky mice to sanctify his children. And I’m thankful that he’s doing what it takes to make me look more like Christ.

All the same, my mantra continues to be, “EAT POISON AND DIE!”

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Sarah this mice issue is no small thing. Ask your mom about the time she found a mouse in turwiler hall at UA. Her roommate went straight down to the front desk to tell the dorm manager: we are livIng in incest! I guess things could be worse!

    1. Ha! Mom is always trying to help me “keep perspective” when I’m obsessively FREAKING OUT and being irrational. But she did genuinely feel bad for us. 🙂 I’ll have to ask her about tutwiler. At least they only had 1!

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