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Often times, I struggle to understand God’s ways. Why does a thriving, influential 27 year-old die of leukemia? Why does a precious, godly woman give birth to a still-born baby? Why does a 16 year-old boy accidentally run over his 5 year-old sister with the car?

I know we live in a broken world, tainted by sin. I know that horrors and death are inevitable. But I also know that my God is completely sovereign. Nothing good or bad occurs apart from his hand. And I believe that my God is completely good. And therein lies the struggle. These two things are hard to reconcile.

Sometimes I question God when bad things happen. I {erroneously} believe I’m entitled to some sort of explanation.

Then, by grace alone, the Spirit of Christ speaks to my heart: “Who are you to question God?”

Piper remind us, “We are not God’s counselors. Nor can we fathom all his judgments. That was the lesson of Job. Let us beware, therefore, of reading the hand of providence with too much certainty or specificity. God is always doing a thousand things when he does anything. And we see but a fraction.”

We see but a fraction.

Read Piper’s full article here. It’s hard, yet so good. It’s truth that our hearts need to receive.

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. -Job 1:21

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