Willard visits the ‘Ville

My little brother Will {affectionately known as Willard, among other things} came to see us. This was his first visit since we’ve lived here. He’s a busy college kid, you know. Mom came along too, which is always a treat.
We made a little trip up to the Creation Museum, which is just south of Cincinnati. Adam and I have been several times, and it’s a must-see if you’re in the area. Very well done. {I forgot my camera the entire weekend, hence the poor quality pics.}

Here’s Adam… laughing as he sacrifices our baby to a dinosaur.

We also made a little trip across town to see Churchill Downs.

There are no races going on until April, but we checked out the Derby Museum and the gift shop. And we went on a little guided tour of the Downs.

Derby is a BIG deal in Louisville, y’all. I didn’t realize how big until we moved here. The entire month of April revolves around pre-Derby festivities. It would be fun to go one time while we live here. However, if we don’t care to join the party in the infield {where we likely wouldn’t lay eyes on a live horse}, the absolute cheapest seats are around $100. Worth it for the 2 minute race {plus fighting horrid crowds}? Not so sure.

I could only get one of the twin spires in the picture. Boo.

Did you know the track isn’t actually dirt? Sand, silt and clay.


 We were honored that Willard made the long trip to Lou during his Mardi Gras break. It’s always a treat to have family and friends visit. So, come on. Our door is open. 🙂

One thought on “Willard visits the ‘Ville

  1. So great to read all about baby Luke! and the visit from Will. Man that kid is handsome! Wonder if he would wait around for Rachel Beth?
    This is an awesome way to keep a baby book. Now when you want to look back to see how old he was when he read his first line — it can’t be long — you’ll have it all documented! I hope you can print it out and make it into a book so it will be permanent! … I know it’s permanent in the cloud but sometimes you want to hold and touch something!

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