Last night, I was flipping through pictures and came across this photo of Little Man during one of his first baths. I think he was about 2 weeks old…

It just so happened that {a few hours earlier} I had snapped a few quick pics on my phone of L in his same little tub. Here he is at 5 1/2 months, fist still in his mouth.

You might not know it was the same child if it wasn’t for that darn fist in the mouth :).

I did, eventually, catch a big smile.

It’s amazing to me to see how much he’s grown and changed in what seems like such a short time. It makes me thankful for the Lord’s sovereign and gracious hand, continually initiating his development and sustaining his life. It makes me a little sad, too, because I’m reminded that the baby days are quickly fleeting. However, as my mom often reminds me, each stage brings new blessings. Challenges, yes, to be sure. But numerous blessings as well.

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