School, Steak and Sweetness

After a little hiatus, I’m now back to school. Don’t be too proud. I’m only taking one online class which, honestly, is plenty because Mr. Boy requires a lot of me right now. And I’m just not the best multi-tasker. So, get excited! In addition to reading a lot of posts about a certain Mr. Boy, you now get to look forward to reading posts about the second half of the Old Testament! Just kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, being back to school hasn’t helped Adam and me with this problem we have of staying up way too late. We’re both night owls, and reading and paper-writing keeps us up even later. Or, if I’m being really honest, reading and writing that turns into mindless Facebooking or blogging or TV watching keeps us up even later.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to do a better job about getting in bed at a decent hour, so I don’t require a nap with my 5 month old every day. The other night I was in the bed by eleven. ELEVEN, y’all! That’s really a victory since it’s rare that I’m in bed by midnight. Adam was out late with some guys from work at this steak dinner thing that they got to attend for meeting a big sale’s goal {don’t get me started on how ridiculous it was that spouses didn’t get to attend}.

Anyway, I’m just drifting off to sleep at this “decent hour” and in walks my sweet husband with a to-go box enclosing a substantial piece of cheesecake {with Oreo crust} and his leftover steak {the fact that he didn’t finish his steak means it had to have been massive}. Somehow I was able to rouse myself out of my stupor and devour the entire piece of cake and some of the steak. At midnight. Yes, midnight. Why am I admitting this? Don’t judge. I use the fact that I’m nursing to justify eating pretty much whatever I want because, let me tell you, it burns calories! And what heck. It’s pretty rare to have steak and cheesecake in bed.

Y’all! That steak was some kind of fine. And I don’t even like steak that much. So, my success of “early to bed” was pretty much ruined, but it was totally worth it because that was the best midnight snack I’ve ever had. Besides that, the Kashi frozen pizza that I’d had 6 hours earlier definitely left something to be desired.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

But before I go, I just have to share some sweetness.

There’s just nothing sweeter. However, lest you think my child is always this serene, here’s a reality picture…

🙂 He hates having clothes pulled over his head.

Have a good day, give a good day!

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