5 Months

I’m 5 months old!

And I’m wearing my goofy snow hat to show you that it’s cold!

{or maybe just because it matches my onesie sticker this month}

{or possibly just because my mama thinks it’s cute} 🙂

Mr. Boy is growing and changing and really getting to be lots of fun!

This month I’ve noticed much more intentional playing. Instead of just exploring a toy we put in front of him, he is starting to reach for toys and trying to get into things {as much as he can with limited mobility}.

His arms and hands are constantly moving, and he is grabbing anything within his reach {my hair, face, jewelry, anything he can reach on the table if he’s in our laps}. He puts absolutely everything he can touch into his mouth. EVERYTHING.

L started cereal this month, and even though we haven’t been to the doctor yet, I can tell he’s growing {Mr. Boy has graduated to size 2 diapers!}. We usually try to do cereal at the lunchtime feeding {11ish} and the suppertime feeding {5ish}. The whole feeding/eating process is extremely MESSY. I have to work really hard to keep his hands out of his mouth and the cereal in his mouth. We’re generating even more laundry these days, if that’s possible.

Nighttime sleep is still going very well. Naptime is like World War 3 {most days}. Every now and then, L will go down for a nap in his crib without a fight, but most days there is at least some amount of screaming {up to 45 minutes on the worst days} before falling asleep. I guess he associates the crib with nighttime sleep and just fights it during the day.  Overall, L is a great sleeper and I can’t complain! Maybe he’ll decide to be ok with naps one day…

We’ve traveled to Alabama and/or Mississippi during the months of October, November, December and January, and L has really been a trooper. I am very ready for a full month at home, though. Here’s a sweet photo with cousin Samuel from our last trip…

L went to the church nursery for the first time this month. I was pretty nervous since he was having a screaming fit when we left the house and didn’t fall asleep on the way like he normally does {and of course the latest drama with him refusing a bottle}. Well, no need to be nervous. When I picked Mr. Boy up, he was perched happily on one of the nursery worker’s laps, had just FINISHED his entire bottle {which I had packed just in case} and had not cried at all. Maybe we should take him to the nursery more often…

L has taken a bottle several more times since the nursery day…even from me once when he seemed unsatisfied after nursing. I can’t figure this child out! I guess he’s just selective about if/when he’ll take a bottle.

Like his daddy, our Little Man is just full of personality. He already cracks us up with his funny facial expressions and constant jibber jabbering.

Quick funny story….During our last trip to Mississippi, L slept in the room with us in his pack-n-play. On the way home, we stopped in Chattanooga and spent a night with Adam’s sister’s family. Since we got in late, Adam and I got in bed just after putting Luke down, and he was still awake. Just as we were dozing off, L let out an explosive little toot {or not so little, actually}. Adam and I snickered quietly. L heard us and immediately laughed out loud! It cracked us up that he knew he had done something funny. He’s such a hoot…

And here’s a little video of Mr. Boy at 5 months. It’s a little long and probably boring to anyone but grandparents, but I want to remember his little laugh and funny expressions!

Happy 5 months, Luke!

3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. I see we’re still growing in to our arms and legs at Casa de Rice. He’s just about the cutest ever! Kiss him for his Aunt M. Miss y’all!

  2. Luke! I can’t believe you are 5 months old!! You are absolutely adorable, and it’s been so fun to watch you grow. Happy 5 months, little man!

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