Target…and a Quote

As you probably gathered from the title of this post, there’s not much interesting happening in Rice Land. I didn’t even make it out of the house today until around 7:30 pm when L was screaming for no apparent reason and I looked at Adam and not so calmly said, “I HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!”

So, we all got in the car and drove to Target. Just to get out. Target is a fabulous place, y’all. I could blow a whole lotta money in Target. But Target is also a dangerous place for that very reason. You go in thinking, “I’m just gonna grab a pack of diapers” and come out 100 bucks later.

Regardless, Adam and I both love to walk around Target and try not to spend all our money. I stroll around the home goods ailes and point out all the things I think we need for our house, and he pulls me back down to earth by telling me that we absolutely do not need those things. Then, he piddles on back to the electronics, and it’s my turn to keep his feet on the ground. I guess it’s imperative that we go to Target together.

So, we went and walked around tonight, and I think the trip was successful. Mr. Boy no longer screamed…

{Clearly, he loves Target too.}

And we came out under 40 bucks {with things we actually needed}.

I wish there was a point to this story…but there’s not…except to express my intense love for Target.

Moving on…

So, the other day I was flipping through the Mitford Cookbook & Kitchen Reader, attempting to be a good housewife and find some new things to cook {since I tend to rotate the same 10 or so recipes over and over}.

Just FYI, this cookbook was edited by my very own Aunt Martha {Martha McIntosh}. She compiled all the recipes and tested them and did a lot of other work I’m sure. I’m a  proud niece.

So anyway, as I was flipping through, I came across this quote that I immediately found beautiful and inspirational:

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than a woman making dinner for someone she loves—–Thomas Wolfe

Now, this was inspirational to me because I know full well that it is not true of me. I am not in the least appealing when I am {attempting} to make dinner for anyone. I’m not one of these women that I like to call “real cooks.” Real cooks are the women who are delighted to be in the kitchen whipping up some delicious meal from scratch. Cooking is fun to them. They find it relaxing. They make it look effortless. It comes naturally to them. They read cookbooks for leisure.

Like I said, I am not one of these women. I wish I was. Really, I do. They are the coolest.. truly domestic goddesses. I want to enjoy cooking. Try as I may, though, cooking is not fun to me. It’s work. And I’m usually a hot mess {rather than appealing} when I’m making dinner for the ones I love. You know, olive oil is splattered all over the stove, and the smoke alarm is going off, and I’ve just burned the bread.

But maybe the point of this quote is that the act of making dinner for a loved one is itself appealing, regardless of the momentary state of the woman cooking it. Either way, this quote encourages me to keep pressing on toward excellence in the kitchen because feeding those one loves is a beautiful {and important} thing.

And all you “real cooks” {and aspiring real cooks} should check out the Mitford cookbook! There are some pretty yummy things inside…

And Thanks for following me through all this insignificant rambling. Happy weekend!

One thought on “Target…and a Quote

  1. Sweet Sarah….two things:

    First- I love Target so much…almost as much as Chick-Fil-A. It is like therapy for me, so I can totally relate.

    Second- oh friend, I want to teach you to love to cook. It IS the most relaxing thing ever. Bring Mr. Boy down this summer and we will have cooking boot camp. And I’m not promising I won’t spend significant time swooning over the bebe, but do come and cook with me. It’s one of the things in life that I am really good at.

    Love you so much!!

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